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Conquer the Pool Mental Training Guide for Swimmers

Below are PDF copies of the worksheets found in the book.

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Part 1: GOALS

  • The Career. Your goals for your swimming career, from what you want to contribute to the sport, your legacy, to what you want to achieve on the day of your biggest race.
  • The Season. What’s the big greasy goal for this season? We are going to craft a goal that is specific, relevant, and awesome.
  • Training Goals. List out some of the things you would like to accomplish off the blocks this season. Here’s where we will figure out some practice goals that will feed into your season goal(s).


  • The Daily Process. Dreaming a big goal is one thing, but figuring out what you are going to do on the daily to make it happen is critical.
  • Focusing on the How. Your big goal is the “what” and how you are going to make it happen, day by day in the pool, is your “how.”
  • Daily Focus Log. Get some awareness on how focused you actually are in practice.
  • Habits. A multi-exercise free fall into fixing your bad habits in the water and judo-chopping them into better, more productive habits.
  • The Good Perfectionist. Being labeled a perfectionist usually is a diss, but there is a type of perfectionism that is positive.
  • Good-Better-Best. Expectation management is a big part of being able to do the thing that matters most–starting.
  • The Confidence Crash. This worksheet will help you recover from that inevitable headfirst plunge into a setback so that you can get back on track quickly.
  • Self-Talk. The gatekeeper to your mindset is the way you talk to yourself in the pool. Here are some tactics and worksheets to help you master your self-talk.
  • The Conquer Moments. Having a library of examples where you have crushed it in the past will power future performances.
  • Visualization. This is our 8-step visualization checklist for a proven performance boost in practice and in competition.
  • The Injured Swimmer. It happens to all of us at some point. Here’s your blueprint for bouncing back as fast as possible.
  • Sleepy Time. Not only does more rest help you recover faster, but you will also be mentally tougher. True story.

Part 3: RACING


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