Is This an Actual Book?

Yes, paper and all. This isn’t software, or a flimsy spreadsheet, or even an app. It’s an actual physical product! Cause we are old school like that.

Will You Ship it to Me First Thing Tomorrow Morning?

You bet your butt. Unless it’s Friday or Saturday. At which point it’ll have to wait until Monday morning to get shipped out.

Speaking Of Shipping, How Much?

I hope you read the second part of that question in the Borat accent. Beause I wrote it in the Borat accent. Shipping is $8 for US & Canadian orders, $12 for international orders. Note: Shipping is flat rate, so if you buy 1 or 5 books the shipping is the same, which does save you a little bit of money if you buy more than one.

Why Did You Create This Paper-Coated Bundle of Goodness?

Frankly, if I was swimming still (and yes, watching the Olympic Games in London did get the gears turning for a minute or nine…) this is the tool I would take with me to war. I always wanted something exactly like this when I swam, but it never existed.

When is the Best Time to Use YourSwimBook?

Record your workouts immediately afterwards. That way you can remember as many details as possible about your results. I’d recommend drying your hands first though.

Do I Have to Fill in All of the Fields for Every Workout or Competition?

Nope. But generally the more info you fill in, the more you have to look back on down the road. That being said, regardless of whether you are a 1 or a 10 on the OCD scale, fill in as much as you feel will be helpful to you achieving more success.

Should I Share All of This Information with My Coach?

Certainly. Then again, it’s up to you. If you don’t want to share your repeated scribbles of “I reallly hated this set” with the person who is creating them that is also your prerogative. It’s your book. (Haha get it? YourSwimBook. Whammy!)

Do You Offer a Discount on Multiple Orders?

Heck yes! If you’re thinking on a group or team order, see the fancy team orders information box at the bottom of the page.

Does it Come With a Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. I want you to be 100% stoked on YourSwimBook. If not, send it back to me and I’ll refund ya immediately.

Do I Have to Be a High Level, Olympic Athlete to Use This?

Nope. Whether you are a weekend warrior swimmer, or heading into camp for your first international games event, this book is for you.

Will YourSwimBook Make Me Better Looking?


*Individual results may vary.


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