“High Performance Mental Training for Swimmers, Finally Made Simple…”

Do You Ever Get the Feeling Something is Missing From Your Swimming?

After all, you’ve been putting in the work at practice. You are showing up to those early morning workouts. Staying late and doing extra.

But then, when it comes down to it…

You just aren’t performing as well as you think you should be.

You know you could be faster. And you know that you could be mentally tougher, both in practice and competition.

You know there is greatness there.

And you’re looking for a simple, powerful and proven step-by-step way to master your mindset because you know a stronger mindset will give you supercharged swim practices, more confidence, earth-rumbling motivation, and most importantly…

Explosive and PB-smashing performances in competition.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in…

Then hang on to your butt and let me to tell why you need to get your hands on a copy of “Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide to a High Performance Mindset” today.

"This book is really, really beneficial for swimmers looking to elevate their game."
Olympic Champion Cody Miller’s Favorite Tool for Developing Mental Toughness
Cody Miller
Olympic gold medalist, World Champion
Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer's Ultimate Guide to a High-Performance Mindset

"This the best book I have ever seen concerning mental training." -- Ray Benecki, Head Coach, The FISH Swim Team

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"There is a Better and Smarter Way to Train and Race..."

Swimmers train hard. There are the two-a-days, the long training camps, and the countless hours swimming up and down the pool.

But if you are fed up and frustrated with…

  • Training your butt off in practice and then not having the results you want in competition,
  • Being a “flash in the pan” swimmer, where you swim crazy-fast one day and slow as mud the next,
  • Struggling to stay focused and optimistic when things get tough;
  • Feeling like a nervous and anxious mess in the pool,
  • Not knowing what it takes to perform at your very best,
  • And you’ve had it up to your ears with collapsing and choking under pressure at the big meet…

Then this book is going to knock your chlorinated socks off

"Inspiring and practical workbook that covers all the bases of performance and mental training. Olivier, well done!"
Brett Hawke
Former head coach Auburn Swim & Dive, Olympic coach

“Finally…Mental Training for Swimmers Made Simple…”

Introducing Conquer the Pool, a mental training workbook designed specifically for competitive swimmers.

Conquer the Pool was developed with the input of 200+ USA Swimming and NCAA head coaches, Olympic gold medalists, and NCAA champions.  

Built on a steaming pile of research and studies, and accented with the stories of Olympians past and present, Conquer the Pool takes the most confusing aspect of our swim training—that often contradictory, paradoxical brain of ours—and breaks things down in the simplest manner possible.

The result? 

You can stop pulling your chlorinated hair trying to master pre-race nerves, motivation, and mental skills and get on track charging towards the big goals you have for yourself in the water with total confidence.

The book features 290+ pages of techniques, tips and lessons on how to finally get achieve the hardest thing of all…

The mindset you desperately want to help you perform like a total boss both in practice and on race day.

"Here's How Conquer the Pool Will Help You Swim Like Your Hair is on Fire..."

With Conquer the Pool you will learn everything you need to know about developing a bulletproof mindset both in practice and on the blocks.

The book is broken down into three parts…

PART 1: Goal Setting

You’ve got a goal…but beyond dreaming about it, what steps have you taken to conquer it? Dreaming about our big goals isn’t that hard.

But why haven’t you accomplish them, then?

Instead of continuing to swim over and over again into the bulkhead, put the latest research into goal setting to work for you so that you can start kicking a metric ton of butt in the pool.

With Conquer the Pool, you will learn:

  • The best techniques for goal setting rooted in science and research.
  • For example, how this one goal setting trick will double your chances of success.
  • Why it’s important to have ridiculous goals. Just how ridiculous? You’ll learn that too.
  • Why low expectations are not the answer to your motivational woes.
  • step-by-step blueprint for creating killer goals that will set your swimming on fire.
  • Worksheets to help you create goals for this season, your career, and practice.

And a whole lot more!

Part 2: Practice

Swim practice. For most of us, it’s something that we have to suffer through in order to get to the fun stuff–racing!

But it’s where we spend a majority of our time—how much of it can you say is helping you swim faster?

Are you going to your workouts and dominating them, or are they dominating you, leaving you stressed, anxious and uncertain when the big meet comes around?

With Conquer the Pool you will learn how to take control of your swim practices from beginning to end.

Just some of the things you will pick up:

  • The truth about motivation, and why the way you have been approaching it is all wrong.
  • The unconquerable value of mastering the process. This is one of the biggies of an elite mindset, and something so many swimmers ignore. You will learn how to build one and why it is so utterly fundamental to becoming an elite swimmer.
  • The right way to focus in practice (there’s different types of focus?).
  • How to suffer like a champion. Swim practice is hard, but pain can be your ally. You will learn how to suffer the right kind of pain with a series of pain-coping tricks and strategies.
  • Try this little visualization trick to immediately boost your in-practice results.
  • Strategies for improving your times and performance in practice starting today, including visualization techniques
  • Mental toughness level 9000: fast swimmers are invariably the mentally tough ones. They are able to push through the frustration and agony of hard training, and this epic level of mental toughness starts with your self-talk.
  • Unlock pro mode on your mindset by conquering your self-talk. You will learn what kinds of self-talk to use, when to use them, and see how effective it is for crushing not only your practices, but more importantly—your races.
  • A group of techniques for improving your self-talk. Powering up your self-talk is pound-for-pound the best thing you can do for your swimming, and you will learn how to take yours to the next level.

Put together, you will get more from the time you are already spending in the water.

You will be able to train smarter. And do so with less anxiety, more focus, and less wasted effort.

Most importantly, you will have the rock-solid confidence and tenacity to know that you are fully prepared to unleash an avalanche of pain on your personal best times at the big meet.

Speaking of which…

Part 3: Racing

Finally, we have the thing that causes us so much confusion and anxiety…

Putting all of our hard work together on race day and launching off the blocks like an intercontinental ballistic missile with full confidence and clarity.

After all…

Is there anything more infuriating than training your butt off at practice and then having your performance crumble when it matters most? Maybe swimming head-first into a bulkhead, perhaps?

Imagine how much faster you could race if you knew exactly what it takes to decimate your PBs? For a moment think how awesome it would feel to step up on the blocks with the calm, rock-solid confidence of knowing you will race at your best?

This is the kind of feeling you will experience when you are able to master the mindset of an elite racer.

In this section you will learn strategies and information for:

  • What kind of mindset you need when you step up on the blocks. (Hint: it’s completely different from the one you use in practice.)
  • How to deal with every swimmer’s biggest nightmare–choking. You will get a list of tools and strategies that will help you keep calm and poised and be prepared to lock and load on your personal best times.
  • How to build a pre-race routine that will give you epic levels of confidence on race day.
  • Exercises and techniques proven to help squash race-day anxiety so that you can perform your best when it matters most.
  • How to get psyched-up properly so that you can perform fast during prelims and other low-excitement races. You’ll learn what getting psyched-up entails, and the one thing that is actually more powerful than using aggressive psych-up talk.
  • You will learn exactly what it takes for you to perform at your best. Not your teammate, not the competition–you and you alone.

And much, much more.

"I am currently using this book with my senior group. I love how it is written conversationally, but what takes the book to the next level are the interactive worksheets included. These allow swimmers to reflect and respond on a personal level to specific issues dealing with the mental aspects of swimming."
Michael Chapman
Head coach, Boonville Dolphins Swim Team

Unlock the Mindset of Olympic Champions with Your FREE Bonus eBook: They Conquered the Pool [$29 Value]

When you purchase Conquer the Pool today, you will receive an exclusive bonus: They Conquered the Pool, a $29 value, yours free.

They Conquered the Pool

This eBook is an inspiring collection that features 25 compelling essays and stories about the fastest swimmers on the planet and the mindsets they used to reach the pinnacle of success in the pool.

What you’ll discover in They Conquered the Pool:

  • Limitless motivation: How Olympic champions use everything for motivation and fuel. Wins, losses, slights—everything is fuel for more motivation.
  • Setting big goals: Why swimmers should set large, almost laughable goals, and the mindset that propels champions to the top.
  • Dealing with pressure: Learn from swimmers who’ve used proven mental strategies for peak performance when it matters most. This will show you the importance of the right mindset for conquering high-pressure situations (like the Olympics).
  • The role of adversity: A common theme with Olympic champions is their ability to wield adversity, whether it’s a big loss or injury, as a springboard for improved performance.
  • Inspiration: The personal stories of triumph and perseverance will inspire you, as you’ll see that champions face many of the same struggles as the rest of us.

And much more.

Each essay also includes discussion and commentary—so that you can apply the lessons learned to your own swimming journey, challenges to help you take action, and a key takeaway to help sink in the gold medal knowledge.

This bonus book is a treasure trove of wisdom and practical advice, offering a rare glimpse into the minds of swimming legends.

It’s the perfect complement to Conquer the Pool, providing you with both the tools and inspiration needed to develop an unshakeable champion mindset.

This book is exclusively available with your purchase of Conquer the Pool and is not available anywhere else.

They Conquered the Pool is a digital eBook, making it easy to read on your favorite digital devices.

If you’re looking for a healthy dose of inspiration to go along with your new mental skills, They Conquered the Pool is the perfect companion to keep you motivated as you chase excellence in the water.

Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer's Ultimate Guide to a High-Performance Mindset

"This the best book I have ever seen concerning mental training." -- Ray Benecki, Head Coach, The FISH Swim Team

$78 $49

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds cool so far? Got some questions though?

Here are some of the common ones:

Do you do team orders? Bulk discounts?

Absolutely. There are some cool things we can do with team and group orders. Discounts of up to 25%, and we can even add your club logo to the cover of the book at no additional charge.

Here are just some of the teams that are using Conquer the Pool to help their swimmers crush it…

Interested in learning more? 

Fill out the form on this page and I can give you the full details including an estimate for you and your club.

Is this just a 292-page listicle on how to get motivated?

Nope. All the concepts are based in research and science.

Nearly a hundred different papers and studies are referenced.

The bibliography alone is 12 pages long.

Also, there are worksheets with every key section and chapter

This is a participatory book. Sure, there are some monologues here and there, and plenty of anecdotes from Olympians past and present, but at the end of the day, this is a workbook.

Am I going to need to be a space scientist to understand all this stuff?

Everything is broken down so that you can easily digest everything I’m throwing at you. It was important to me that anyone could read this book and take away some career-changing information and knowledge.

Additionally, if you’ve read my work before, whether here or on SwimSwam, at USA Swimming, or elsewhere, you know that while I am seriously passionate about this stuff, I’m also down to have a good time with it. Getting hysterically better should be fun, after all!

"I really like the layout of this book. This has become my go-to book for my mental training sessions with swimmers I coach."
Brian Lindsay
Head coach, Chatham Y Sharks Swim Team

Are there any extras with the book?

Yes. The book comes with bonus online worksheets and resources. There wasn’t enough room in this book for all of the information and worksheets, so we created an online section where you can access extra copies of the worksheets.

There is also an ever-growing library of resources to help you stay on top of your mental game into the future.

Who is this book for?

Whether you are an age grouper or hitting your sixth Olympics, this book will have something to offer you. 

Lots of the research featured hasn’t been covered extensively, especially as it relates to swimmers. So basically if you want to achieve some hairy goals in the pool, this bad boy is right up your alley.

When will I get my copy?

We ship via USPS or Canada Post Tracked Packet Air; this means that for US/Canada, orders take between 5-8 business days.

International orders take 5-15 business days, depending on how far it’s going. 

Tracking information is provided once you complete your order and the book has been shipped for your tracking enjoyment.

Alrighty then... how much is this book of saucy awesomeness?

Your hard copy of Conquer the Pool, plus the bonus worksheets and library of content, retails for just $49 plus shipping.

Does the book come with a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. I want you to be 100% satisfied with Conquer the Pool. If not, send it back to me and I’ll refund ya immediately.

You have 30 days to become a faster swimmer totally risk-free.

"Just got my copy and spent the all evening with it! Fantastic! Well done... a great practical guide, with insights that I can see athletes using as a tool to help... I particularly like the fact that the language is not over anyone's head, the examples are appropriate and you can write some interacting thoughts while going through... I just ordered 10 copies for my team to share!"
Michael Litzinger
Head Coach, Notre Dame Swimming & Diving

"I highly recommend that every swimmer get this book... Coaches--you should encourage your athletes to get a copy or even think about getting one for every swimmer on your team--it is that helpful."
Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach, Lynchburg Y Swim Team

"You are very insightful and present the material in a highly effective manner. It is the best (only real) product for helping kids through the mental side of the sport. Thank you for what you are doing for the sport and for young athletes."
Don Heidary
Co-Head Coach and Founder, Orinda Aquatics

Talking a big game about the things you want to accomplish in the pool is easy. You see it all the time with swimmers who talk big about what they could do. That’s easy. Anyone can do that.

It’s those that take those big dreams and work towards it with unrelenting determination. And just like the lactate threshold sets, the race pace reps that leave you gasping and wanting to hurl into the gutter, working on your mindset requires work and training.

It’s not a band-aid. Or a quick fix. But a set of extremely powerful tools and techniques that will help you be mentally bulletproof.

When you are ready to take your mental game—and your swimming—to the highest levels, click on the “add to cart” button below and let’s get things rolling.


"Thanks for setting up our coaching staff with this excellent high-performance mindset guide for our swimmers! We have no doubt that during this COVID era of swimming a stronger mindset will be even more critical to success."
Scott Ward
Head Coach, Eagle Swim Team

"This is the best book I have ever seen concerning mental training."
Ray Benecki
Head Coach, The FISH Swim Team

P.S. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed. If, after 30 days of playing around with Conquer the Pool you aren’t feeling mentally tougher, more confident, and you aren’t swimming faster, return for a no-question refund. And yes, we can still be friends.