"The Swimmer's Secret Weapon for Better Swim Practices and Faster Swimming..."

Made for swimmers, by swimmers, YourSwimBook is the ultimate logbook for swimmers.

As essential as your goggles and swimsuit, this book will help you finally unlock all of your potential in the water.

After all, if you are tired of…

  • Inconsistent swim practices — some days you are on, some days you are (way) off
  • Feeling unfocused and unmotivated when you get to the pool
  • Not being confident even though you are working hard in the pool
  • Feeling like you aren’t progressing as fast as you could be
  • And you know that you could be training and swimming much faster than you are right now…

Then you need to get your hands on YourSwimBook today.

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Here is How YourSwimBook Will Help You Swim Like a Complete Monster at Swim Practice This Year...

1. The Ultimate 10-Month Log for Swimmers

The nuts and bolts of the book, YourSwimBook comes with an exclusive 10-month log where you can track up to two swim practices per day.

The log is specially designed to help you monitor the things that matter most to you and your swimming; from distance (in meters or yards), effort levels, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more.

Each page of the logbook also includes a countdown to your next swim meet to keep you focused, daily motivational quotes, and lots of room for detailing your workouts and recognizing your successes and opportunities for improvement.

If it matters to you and your swimming, this is where it goes.

 🥇 2. Crush Your Goals in the Pool with a Proven Goal-Setting Plan

You’ve got goals in the pool— but having big goals isn’t enough.

You will learn the fundamentals of setting an awesome goal, and more importantly, build a complete plan for achieving it. Included is a blueprint for developing training goals that will keep you focused and motivated at practice.

Instead of being the swimmer that sets big goals and never follows through with them, YourSwimBook will help you step-by-step to setting–and more importantly–CRUSHING your goals in the water.

💪 #3. Recover Like a Pro

YourSwimBook takes you step-by-step and shows you how to build a customized recovery plan to help you bounce back after today’s practice (so that you can swim faster tomorrow!).

The hard truth about high-performance swimming is that you can only train as hard as you are recovering.

YourSwimBook helps you build a daily and weekly plan to help you make the most of the yards and meters you are doing in the water.

? #4: Power Up Your Process

Process-based swimmers are better able to stay present during hard sets, stay focused in the face of adversity, and are able to keep their eyes on what matters most to their swimming.

With YourSwimBook, you will learn how to build a simple and powerful process that will help you shape the performance you want on race day.

When you build a process that you believe in, faster swimming starts to take care of itself.

YourSwimBook removes the confusion and shows you exactly how to do it.

? #5: Monthly, Customized Evaluation Sheets.

One of the biggest benefits of tracking your performance in the pool is getting accountability for your swimming.

Regular evaluation is a must over the course of a training cycle or a season. To improve and swim your best you need to see where you are crushing it and where you can improve.

These custom and regularly scheduled evaluations will help you to stay on track with your goals, show you where you are kicking butt, and help you conquer the weak spots of your training and swimming.

? #6. Pre and Post Competition Analysis

Break down your competition goals and results by splits, times, placings, how you slept, ate, and just about anything else you can think of.

With YourSwimBook you will set specific goals, put together a pre-meet checklist, and use the custom swim meet evaluation to reflect on your performances.

Champion swimmers think deeply about their performances, teasing out what they did well and what they can improve on.

This kind of reflection helps you swim much smarter and eventually, faster.

☑️ #7: Manage All Your Best Times.

It’s what we work for–to see those shiny, glorious PB’s up on the scoreboard.

It’s why we put in the meters and yards, the countless hours swimming around the black line–so that we can cross out an old personal best time and replace it with a shiny new one.

YourSwimBook contains a ton of space and opportunity to record all of your best times, from the short course and unshaved off-events to your best 100-free kick (with no board). Test sets, personal best times, in-practice best times. All of ’em.

Track–and more importantly, celebrate–them all in the pages of your logbook.

Imagine the pride and satisfaction of being able to cross out an old PB and writing out a shiny, new one.

? #8: Lights-Out Self-Confidence

One of the massive perks of writing out your workouts is recognizing the moments where you crush it in the water. These little wins in training give you the armor of self-confidence to be successful on race day.

There’s a section in the book, your own personal Hall of Fame, where you will recognize your moments of excellence.

YourSwimBook gives you a stockpile of self-confidence for when you need it most, like when you are coming off a bad workout or you are tapering for the biggest meet of your season.

? #9: Pro tips for How to Log Your Practices

Struggled with writing out your workouts in the past?

Tried it and didn’t get the benefits you thought you would?

That’s simply because you never learned the right way to do it.

YourSwimBook shows you, step by step, exactly what to write out in your logbook for maximum performance benefits (and in less than 10 minutes or so a day!).

You will track the things that develop white-hot confidence, measure the things that actually matter, and will help you unlock swimming you never dreamed possible.

This book isn’t just a series of workouts and sets, it’s the story of your swimming.

TL;DR: Less confusion, better swim practices, and faster swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This an Actual Book?

Yes, YourSwimBook is made of paper and all. This isn’t software, or a flimsy spreadsheet, or even an app. It’s an actual physical product! Cause we are old school like that.

Will You Ship it to Me First Thing Tomorrow Morning?

Books are shipped out next business day. Sometimes same-day, depending on how early in the day you order.

Speaking Of Shipping, How Much?

Shipping is a flat rate of $12 for US & Canadian orders, $14 for international orders. 

Note: Shipping is flat rate, so if you buy 1 or 5 books the shipping is the same, which can save you quite a bit of money if you buy more than one.

Why Did You Create This Paper-Coated Bundle of Goodness?

Frankly, if I was swimming still (and yes, watching the Olympic Games in Rio did get the gears turning for a minute or two…) this is the tool I would take with me to battle. I always wanted something exactly like this when I swam, but it never existed.

When is the Best Time to Use YourSwimBook?

Record your workouts immediately afterwards! That way you can remember as many details as possible about your results. I’d recommend drying your hands first though.

(There are lots of tips inside YourSwimBook for how to log your workouts like a champion, too.)

Do I Have to Fill in All of the Fields for Every Workout or Competition?

Nope. But generally the more info you fill in, the more you have to look back on down the road. That being said, regardless of how detailed you keep your logbook, fill in as much as you feel will be helpful to you swimming well more consistently.

Should I Share All of This Information with My Coach?

Certainly. Then again, it’s up to you. If you don’t want to share your repeated scribbles of “I reallly hated this set” with the person who is creating them that is also your prerogative. It’s your book. (Haha get it? YourSwimBook. Whammy!)

How do I Know YourSwimBook Will Work for Me?

Lots of swimmers have tried logging their swim practices and struggled with it. YourSwimBook is nothing like what you’ve tried before. The book is designed specifically to help you get the most of your time in the water, get motivated, and utterly dominate your swim practices.

Who Else is Using YourSwimBook to Swim Faster?

Some of the world’s best swim programs use YourSwimBook, including…

Do You Offer a Discount on Multiple Orders?

You bet your chlorinated bottom! If you’re thinking about a group or team order, click here and fill out a request for a complimentary estimate.

Does it Come With a Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. I want you to be 100% satisfied with YourSwimBook. If not, send it back to me and I’ll refund ya immediately. You have 30 days to become a faster swimmer totally risk-free.

Do I Have to Be a High-Level, Olympic Athlete to Use This?

Nope. Whether you are a weekend warrior swimmer, or heading into camp for your first international games event, this book will help you train better, get motivated, and ultimately, swim your best.

Will YourSwimBook Make Me Better Looking?


*Individual results may vary.

Over 18,000 Happy Swimmers and Coaches Worldwide...

“As a former Nationally ranked sprinter I wish I had access to this book during my career. Staying motivated, setting goals and keeping track of your progress is a must in the pursuit of excellence. Now as a coach I have made sure each of my swimmers has access to the book and all it has to offer.”
Cody Flegel
High-Performance Swim Coach, Victoria, BC
“If you’re not using YourSwimBook, you are missing out. Olivier’s wisdom and insight speak directly to swimmers and coaches… YourSwimBook is a must-have for swimmers who want to succeed in the pool.”
Mel Stewart
Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, former WR holder in the 200m butterfly
“We couldn’t be happier with YourSwimBook! It’s organized like swimmers “think.” It gives them the tools and suggestions to be successful. The book has breaks and checkpoints at the perfect time to keep swimmers on track to achieve their goals. Thank you for putting this amazing book together!”
Eric Peterson
Head Coach, Shaker Height Swim Team
"I have had the pleasure to have coached swimmers to various levels of success, from Olympians and world championship medalists to National champions and national record holders… The one tool that has been consistently used by my top athlete is a logbook. YourSwimBook not only provides a great template to record workouts, but takes it much further… One thing is for sure, this book will help your athletes if they invest in using it."
Sean Baker
Head Coach, Markham Aquatic Club, 2012 National Age Group Coach of the Year

MOST SWIMMERS will say that they want to take their swimming to the next level. That they want more consistent practices. That they want to crush their PB’s.

But for the most part, they are fumbling in the dark with their training. Never really getting the most from the time they spend in the water. Never giving themselves the best opportunity possible to swim out of their mind.

A lot of swimmers will read this page, see the power and possibility, and still won’t do anything.

It’s my hope you’ll be different. I’ve seen the results firsthand with countless swimmers, including NCAA champions, Olympians, Masters swimmers, and young age groupers.

When you are ready to take your swimming to the next level, and go beyond being the athlete who only talks a big game about what they want to accomplish in the pool, take the next step with YourSwimBook.