3 Excuses Swimmers Use to Sabotage Their Training

Our brains are amazing things. With our over-sized cerebral cortex we are able to perform powerful executive functions including abstract thought, planning, and reasoning. But then there is the moments where it seemingly goes out of its way to sabotage us. Just as it can be effective in helping us navigate through our days, it
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how to keep your swimmers engaged

How to Keep Your Swimmers Engaged

Over the years I was lucky enough to swim for a number of different coaches. From the athlete-coach, to the newspaper reader, to the engaged and curious coach, I’ve been fortunate to experience the full gamut of coach stereotypes, from the good to the great to the bad. Through the varied experiences I viewed firsthand
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7 quotes to inspire you to greatness this season

7 Quotes to Inspire You to Greatness This Season

Greatness, on the outside, looks exceptionally appealing. Along with achieving at a high level comes self-satisfaction, the recognition in the form of awards and records, and the knowledge that we have ascended to the upper peaks of our abilities. There will be moments over the course of the long haul of a season where you
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how do I improve my flutter kick

How Do I Improve My Flutter Kick?

For today’s #AskYourSwimBook I am fielding a question from Matt R. who writes in with a problem that is common to many pull-centric swimmers: what is the best way to improve the flutter kick so that you can swim faster? I recently put together a large guide on how to improve your underwater dolphin kick
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how to survive team travel

How to Survive Team Travel

Each week I get lots of emails and questions, particularly via the YourSwimBook newsletter, and very frequently I find that a lot of the questions overlap and touch on the same themes. Which made me realize that if some of you are struggling with the things you are writing in about, there is a larger
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michael phelps underwater dolphin kick

Michael Phelps Underwater Dolphin Kick Training (Video)

It’s no secret that Michael Phelps has a ridiculous underwater dolphin kick. He used it with great effectiveness in not only butterfly events, but also in the freestyle and medley events to dominate the world swimming scene for the better part of a decade. The 200 meter freestyle, in particular, provides a startling example of
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