Don't Give Up

Don’t Give Up

Success in the pool is not always predicated on meters swum, talent, or genetics. Often, it’s simply the athlete who stuck it out a little bit longer, who was able to sustain the hard work, who refused to give up. After all: Out-smarting hard work is an illusion. The idea that we can out-smart the
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Brad Tandy Start

Brad Tandy’s Start Is Absolutely Ridiculous

If you follow NCAA swimming by now you have seen the University of Arizona’s Brad Tandy launch himself off the starting blocks like an intercontinental ballistic missile. His explosive start and underwater dolphin kick into a devastating breakout landed him on the top of the podium at the NCAA Division 1 championships last year, as
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Does Dryland Improve Sprint Swimming Performance

Does Dryland Improve Sprint Swimming Performance?

With the power and thunderous speed that comes with the sprint events it is not surprising that swimmers will look anywhere they can for an extra edge in the water. Whether that little slice of speed comes from the weight room, or a coiled up rubber band, or working on making their start just a
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5 tricks for a better swim start

5 Tricks for a Faster Swim Start

The idea behind having a good start is simple: you want to carry a shocking amount of speed into the water, through your breakout, and explode up into the swimming portion of the race. For many races, particularly of the shorter variety, much of the outcome is decided on those brief moments when swimmers are
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10 Things You'll Hear at a Swim Meet

10 Things You’ll Hear at a Swim Meet

The local swim meet can be a deafening beehive of activity. With sometimes upwards of a thousand swimmers milling about, bouncing with the full-tank type of energy that comes from being tapered, it can be a little bit of a frenzy. The roar of the crowd, the thunderous swimming in the pool and the train-whistles
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how to swim faster by doing less

How to Swim Faster By Doing Less

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to do less. Not less of the things that are working, but less of the things that are not. (Sounds obvious, but let that marinate for a moment…) The easiest way to achieve more is not always by doing more, but by doing less. Here is what I
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