hate to lose vs love to win

Hating to Lose vs Wanting to Win in the Pool

“I still can’t stand to lose,” Michael Phelps told reporters in advance of the Pan Pacific Championships last summer. Known for his ultra competitiveness and willingness to find motivation in just about anything, Phelps has used his losses in the past to propel him towards greater achievements in the pool. This abhorrence towards losing is
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will you be great

Will You Be Great?

We all dream of achieving the pinnacle of excellence. But few have the stomach for what comes next. The hard work, the sacrifice, the time spent honing and perfecting our technique, elevating our conditioning until that moment where we stand up on the blocks and let it all fly. Curious to know if you have
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how not to pace your 200 butterfly

How NOT to Pace Your 200 Butterfly (Video)

Swimmers are a weird bunch, but within our intrepid group lies a number of sub-sets. You have the Alpha-male sprinter with the chest-pounding, spitting and shadow boxing. You got the breaststrokers with their weird knee-hip-ankle flexibility thingy that even fellow swimmers (but clearly not breaststrokers) understand, and of course, you have the distance swimmers who
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the 7 curses of being a talented swimmer

The 7 Curses of Being a Talented Swimmer

It’s too bad, she is a really talented swimmer… What a waste of an amazing talent… He’s so talented, no wonder he goes so fast… If you have spent longer than ten minutes on deck at a swim meet you have heard a coach or parent say a variation of the above statements. The lamenting
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7 harsh realities of being great in the pool

7 Harsh Realities of Being Great in the Pool

Here is what you need to know: You gotta be a little delusional to want to excel at the highest levels of the sport. You gotta love it. If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, no bueno. (And on top of that, it needs to be the right kind of passion.) You need
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