Colin Babcock of Notre Dame Swimming Shows Us the Mentality of a Swimmer (Video)

Colin Babcock, a varsity athlete with the University of Notre Dame’s swim team shows us the mentality of the swimmer with this video that was produced as a still frame academic project. Babcock, a senior co-captain, swam on all four relays for Notre Dame at the most recent NCAA’s.

Part poetry, part slice-of-life, the video touches on motivation, the uniqueness of swimmers, and talks of the commitment required to participate in a sport as challenging as swimming.


Notre Dame is best known for their football program, but they also field a full Division 1 men’s and women’s swimming and diving program. At the recent 2014 NCAA Division 1 Championships the Irish men placed 30th overall. It was also long time head coach’s Tim Welsh final meet at the helm of the Fighting Irish, having been with the program for 29 years. They scored 14 points, which is one point less than the highest in team history (14 back in 2012).

Here is the video, enjoy:


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Olivier Poirier-Leroy Olivier Poirier-Leroy is the founder of He is an author, former national level swimmer, two-time Olympic Trials qualifier, and swim coach.

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