Arizona State Swimming’s Dryland Training (Video)

Anyone that has been lucky enough to swim at the collegiate level in the United States understands how world class their facilities are, particularly among the NCAA Division 1 schools.

Arizona State University, located in Phoenix, is such one school with revenue generating sports football and basketball paving the way for expansive and state-of-art training facilities. It is against this backdrop that this video was done, showcasing the Arizona Sun Devils men’s and women’s swim team pounding out some early season dryland training.

From Olympic lifting, body weight exercises to cord work, the Sun Devils do work under the tutelage under their strength and conditioning coach and (former*) head swimming coach Dorsey Tierney-Walker.

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As a kid I used to do stadium runs and stairs at the Pan Am Pool in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Those stands look microscopic compared to the 70,000+ capacity Sun Devil Stadium which ASU swimmers use for their own stadium runs. Respect.

(* Bob Bowman, Michael Phelps’ long time coach has assumed the mantle of the ASU swim and dive program.)

Here is the video, enjoy!

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