Caeleb Dressel Core Workouts

Coreintine: Check Out Caeleb Dressel’s Core Workouts

Here’s a fun fact: Caeleb Dressel is one of the best swimmers on the planet.

He has been a star swimmer for a while, with Tokyo 2020 2021 set to be his first Olympic Games competing as an individual (he won two relay golds medals in Rio).

Dressel has long dominated the starts and underwater dolphin kick portions of his races. Dressel’s explosive vertical jump (41″, according to his coach, Gregg Troy), superb dive technique, and overall strength and speed have put him at the top of the sprint world for the past few years.

Along with the explosive lifts he does in the gym, an important part of Dressel’s training is doing plenty of core exercises.

Below are two core circuit routines that Dressel posted to his YouTube page recently (Note: Dressel has since removed the videos from his YouTube channel.)

Caeleb Dressel’s Core Workouts

Some good news for you swimmers who are staying at home:

  • The core circuits can be done at home.
  • Both ab routines take about 5-6 minutes to complete.
  • You don’t need any dryland equipment to complete the workouts.

The routines were put together by Matt DeLancey, the University of Florida swim team’s strength and conditioning coach.

Corentine Circuit #1

4 rounds (reps by round)

  • Toe touches (x20/15/10/5)
  • Outside the ankles crunch touches (x20/15/10/5)
  • Legs flat crunches (x20/15/10/5)
  • Leg raises (x10)
  • Flutter kicks — 4-count is 1 rep (20/15/10/ + last round 20 reps flutter kicks in streamline)

Corentine Circuit #2


  • Prone single leg raise x6
  • Supine elbow single leg raise x6
  • Plank single leg raise x6
  • Supine hand single leg raise x6
  • Lateral elbow single leg raise x6
  • Lateral hand single leg raise x6
  • Prone leg raise x6
  • Supine hand March x6
  • Dead Bugs x6
  • Partner throw downs x10 (substitute V-ups if solo)
  • Open close x10
  • Crunches x10
  • Crunch with twist x10

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