Dolphins Come to Aid of Open Water Swimmer Being Trailed By Great White Shark

British long distance swimmer Adam Walker was out for a leisurely 16-mile swim off the coast of New Zealand when the childhood nightmare (and adult nightmare for many of us) of every swimmer came true; he spotted a great white shark cutting through the water beneath him.

Within moments a pod of of dolphins surrounded Walker and escorted him until the shark swam off. The bizarre altercation happened on April 22 while Walker was swimming in the not-so-smooth seas in the Cook Strait. Ironically, the purpose of the swim was to raise money for Whale and Dolphin Conservation, a non profit that supports whale and dolphin research and related field projects around the world.

adam walker open water swim 2

Walker finished the swim in approximately 8 and ½ hours, and the Cook Strait swim was just one of the Ocean’s Seven challenge, which is a collection of 7 open water swims including the English Channel, Catalina Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Here is video of the dolphins swimming alongside Walker–

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