High Performance Starts and Turns with the AIS

In this video, coach John Fowlie, the head coach at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), whose swimmers include Alicia Coutts and James Roberts, shows how at the AIS they are bridging the gap between technology and technique to bring more speed to their swimmers’ starts and flip turns.

With the combination of a facility built specifically for high performance swimming and the video technology that allows the AIS to develop a technique that maximizes a swimmer’s particular strengths, the Aussies have a powerful weapon in helping their athletes get to the next level.

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Fowlie is no stranger to international swimming. His parents Jim and Lynn both have extensive coaching backgrounds, with Jim having not only formerly held the top dog position at the AIS himself, for a time he also headed the Canadian counter-part, PacificSport.

In what was an otherwise disappointing Olympics for the Australians, Fowlie’s charge Coutts provided a source of optimism for the swim-proud nation.

She would collect 5 medals; silver in the 200 medley, bronze in the 100m butterfly adn medals in all three relays. Fowlie’s other swimmer in London, James Roberts, was part of the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay that placed fourth in a mega-competitive final.


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