Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide to Mental Training


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Conquer the Pool: The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide to a High-Performance Mindset is the manual for swimmers and swim coaches who want to unlock their full potential in the pool. This best-selling mental training book for swimmers is your guide to achieving peak performance in the pool.

Here are just some of the things that you will learn with this game-changing mental training book:

✅ Set Huge Goals and Master the Process: Learn the right way to set ambitious goals and how to embrace the process. This book will help you shift your mindset from obsessing over distant goals to conquering the daily grind, maximizing opportunities in every workout, and ultimately improving your race-day performance.

✅ Suffer Like a Champion in Practice: Practices are tough, but they’re where champions are made. Discover techniques to distract yourself from the pain, stay focused, and develop the mental resilience to push past your limits and achieve peak performance in every training session.

✅ How to Deal with Setbacks and Injuries: Injuries and setbacks are a part of a swimmer’s life. This book guides you on maintaining a positive mindset during recovery, reducing stress, and healing faster. Don’t let injuries and unexpected setbacks crater your swim season; use this resource to stay mentally strong and return to the pool stronger than ever.

✅ Unlock Pro Mode: Mental Toughness: Mental toughness is a skill that can be developed. Explore strategies like self-talk, visualization, and psych-up techniques to boost your mental toughness. Enhance your daily practice routine and accomplish more by improving your mental strength.

✅ Unstoppable Confidence on Race Day: Avoid choking when it matters most. This book helps you understand your unique performance conditions, emotions, and mindset triggers. Equip yourself with a toolbox of techniques to perform at your best when it counts.

✅ The Pro’s Choice: Conquer the Pool is not just any book; it was developed with the feedback of over 200 NCAA Division I and USA Swimming head coaches, including Olympic team staff, world record holders, Olympians, and NCAA champions. While there is a lot of research-backed material in this book, it’s also backed by the real-world experience and knowledge of the world’s top swimmers and coaches.



“At the end of the day, it’s all about mental toughness; it’s all about building what’s in here so that when you’re behind the block, you are 100% the most prepared, the most mentally tough, the most locked in that you can be, and this book is filled with insights from some of the best swimmers in the world.” — Cody Miller, Olympic gold medalist


“Inspiring and practical workbook that covers all the bases of performance and mental training. Olivier, well done!” — Brett Hawke, former head coach of Auburn Swimming & Diving, Olympian, Olympic swim coach


“I am currently using this book with my senior group. I love how it is written conversationally, but what takes the book to the next level are the interactive worksheets included. These allow swimmers to reflect and respond on a personal level to specific issues dealing with the mental aspects of swimming.” — Michael Chapman, head coach, Boonville Dolphins Swim Team


“I really like the layout of this book. This has become my go-to book for my mental training sessions with swimmers I coach.” — Brian Lindsay, head coach of Chatham Y Sharks Swim Team


“Just got my copy and spent all evening with it! Fantastic! Well done… a great practical guide, with insights that I can see athletes using as a tool to help… I particularly like the fact that the language is not over anyone’s head, the examples are appropriate and you can write some interacting thoughts while going through… I just ordered 10 copies for my team to share!” — Michael Litzinger, head coach, Notre Dame Swimming and Diving


“I highly recommend that every swimmer get this book… Coaches–you should encourage your athletes to get a copy or even think about getting one for every swimmer on your team–it is that helpful.” — Ryan Woodruff, head coach, Lynchburg Y Swim Team


“You are very insightful and present the material in a highly effective manner. It is the best (only real) product for helping kids through the mental side of the sport. Thank you for what you are doing for the sport and for young athletes.” — Don Heidary, co-head coach and founder, Orinda Aquatics


“This is the best book I have ever seen concerning mental training.” — Ray Benecki, head coach, The FISH Swim Team


“Really cool. When I was competitively swimming, I was always looking for an edge – mostly through the latest supplement, or the best suit, or the super secret set from Russia that would make me fast. Now I recognize that the mental game is really the best way to get ahead. I’d definitely recommend this book to any swimmer.” — SwimSwam commentator


“This book is awesome!” — Coach Mary (via SwimSwam comment)


“I can’t sing high enough praises for this book. My 14-year-old son never asks for books, especially instructional or cerebral ones, but he expressed interest in Conquer the Pool, so I took the chance. He has devoured it over and over and shared it amongst his teammates and continually refers to it and goes back to it. The team’s results, camaraderie, and attitude have exceeded expectations this summer. I think a lot went into those results, but this book certainly has a strong correlation with those outcomes.” — SwimSwam commentator

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Mental Training for Swimmers - Conquer the Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is “Conquer the Pool” for?

Conquer the Pool is suitable for swimmers of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Whether you are looking to improve your daily workouts, squeeze more results from each meter, or develop the mental toughness and confidence to not crack on race day, this book will help you. The book is written in a conversational and accessible manner, making it perfect for age group swimmers and older.

Is Conquer the Pool a physical book?

Yes, Conquer the Pool is a physical workbook and is not available as a digital download. Conquer the Pool is meant to be done as a workbook and requires writing. I know, how old school!

Each copy of Conquer the Pool also comes with access to our online resource library, which includes bonus copies of all of the worksheets in the event you want to redo or update an exercise.

How long is Conquer the Pool?

Conquer the Pool is 292 pages long, plus covers, so just under 300 pages.

Does the book come with a guarantee?

Yes! Try the book for 30 days, and if you are unhappy with the results you are seeing from Conquer the Pool, reach out for a full refund–no questions asked.

Are there any bonus materials included?

Absolutely! In addition to a physical copy of the workbook itself, you’ll gain access to bonus worksheets available in our online resource section. These downloadable PDFs allow you to customize and update your materials as needed for ongoing improvement.

Can this workbook be used by coaches and teams?

Yes, coaches and swim teams can also benefit from the workbook’s insights and exercises. It offers valuable tools for coaches to help their athletes develop a strong mental game and achieve better results.

Swim coaches can utilize the workbook to augment their existing mental training sessions with their swimmers. Additionally, we offer team discounts for swim coaches and teams who want each swimmer to have their own copy of the book. With team orders, we can offer a team discount and also add your club logo to the cover of the book.

For more information on Conquer the Pool team orders, fill out the contact form on this page.

Where can I purchase Conquer the Pool?

The book is exclusively at The book can be purchased using the links above. Your purchase is 100% protected by PayPal, and we do not store your credit card information anywhere on our servers.

I have more questions about Conquer the Pool. Who do I talk to?

To get in contact with your questions about Conquer the Pool, fill out the contact form on this page. We will answer your question(s) within 1-2 business days.