YourSwimBook: The Swimmer’s Ultimate Logbook


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Created by swimmers, for swimmers, YourSwimBook is as essential as your goggles and swimsuit.

This comprehensive logbook is designed to help you achieve consistent swim practices, stay focused, and boost your confidence, ensuring you swim faster and more efficiently.

Why You Need YourSwimBook:

If you are frustrated with:

  • Inconsistent Swim Practices: Say goodbye to on-and-off days in the pool.
  • Lack of Focus and Motivation: Arrive at the pool with a clear plan and purpose.
  • Confidence Issues: Track your progress and build self-assurance through consistent logging.
  • Slow Progress: Identify areas for improvement and accelerate your swimming speed.

YourSwimBook can help you take control of your swimming.

Here’s How YourSwimBook Will Transform Your Swimming:

1. The Ultimate 10-Month Log for Swimmers Track up to two swim practices per day, monitoring distance, effort levels, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more. Each page includes a countdown to your next swim meet, daily motivational quotes, and ample space for detailing your workouts.

2. Crush Your Goals with a Proven Goal-Setting Plan Learn the fundamentals of goal-setting and build a comprehensive plan to achieve your swimming ambitions. Follow a step-by-step guide to setting and crushing your goals in the pool.

3. Recover Like a Pro Create a customized recovery plan to bounce back after practice and swim faster the next day. YourSwimBook helps you make the most of your training by emphasizing recovery.

4. Power Up Your Process Develop a simple and effective process to stay present during hard sets, focus in adversity, and excel on race day. YourSwimBook guides you in building a process that leads to faster swimming.

5. Monthly, Customized Evaluation Sheets Regular evaluations help you track your performance, identify strengths, and address weaknesses. Stay accountable and on track with your goals through these customized sheets.

6. Pre and Post Competition Analysis Set specific goals, prepare a pre-meet checklist, and reflect on your performances with detailed analysis. This reflection helps you swim smarter and faster.

7. Manage All Your Best Times Record and celebrate all your best times, from short course events to in-practice bests. YourSwimBook provides plenty of space to track your personal achievements.

8. Lights-Out Self-Confidence Build self-confidence by recognizing your moments of excellence in training. YourSwimBook includes a personal Hall of Fame to celebrate your successes.

9. Pro Tips for Logging Practices Learn the right way to log your workouts for maximum performance benefits in less than 10 minutes a day. Track what matters and unlock your swimming potential.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is YourSwimBook? YourSwimBook retails for $39.

Is This an Actual Book? Yes, YourSwimBook is a physical logbook, not software or an app.

Shipping Details? Shipping is a flat rate of $12 for US & Canadian orders, $14 for international orders. Books are shipped out the next business day, sometimes the same day.

Why Was YourSwimBook Created? Designed to be the ultimate tool for swimmers, YourSwimBook fills a gap in the market for a comprehensive, swimmer-specific logbook.

When is the Best Time to Use It? Record your workouts immediately after practice for the best results.

Do I Have to Fill in All Fields? Fill in as much as you find helpful. The more details, the better the insights, the faster you will improve in the water.

Should I Share This with My Coach? It’s up to you. Sharing your log can provide valuable insights for your coach and help you both chart your path forward in the water.

Will It Work for Me? Designed for swimmers of all levels, YourSwimBook helps you get the most out of your training. Whether you are an age group swimmer or masters athletes, the intel and motivation you will get from logging your swim workouts with YourSwimBook are timeless.

Discounts on Multiple Orders? Yes, discounts are available for group or team orders. Fill out this form and we can provide you with a custom quote.

Money Back Guarantee? Absolutely. If you’re not satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Teams Using YourSwimBook

Some of the top swimmers and teams on the planet have used YourSwimBook to improve performance in the water in training and on race day.

Teams include:

YourSwimBook Teams

YourSwimBook Testimonials


“As a former Nationally ranked sprinter, I wish I had this book during my career. Now as a coach, I ensure each of my swimmers has access to it.” – Cody Flegel, High-Performance Swim Coach


“YourSwimBook is a must-have for swimmers who want to succeed in the pool.” – Mel Stewart, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist


“We couldn’t be happier with YourSwimBook! It’s organized like swimmers think and helps them succeed.” – Eric Peterson, Head Coach, Shaker Sharks Swim Club


“This book will help your athletes if they invest in using it.” – Sean Baker, Head Coach, Markham Aquatic Club

Most swimmers talk about improving their swimming but never take action. YourSwimBook is the tool you need to make it happen.

Take control of your swimming journey today and transform your training with YourSwimBook.