Swimmers at St. Petersburg Pool Swim Next to Phelps and NBAC Squad (Video)

Swimmers at St. Petersburg, Florida’s North Shore Aquatic Center were in for a little treat last week as the North Baltimore Aquatic Club came down for a brief training camp at the facility. The pool, which features an outdoor 50m tank as well as a 25 yard tank, is a well-traveled winter break spot for teams from the eastern seaboard and the mid-west looking to beat the frigid temperatures at this time of year. A college team similarly down for a training camp were more than a little shocked to see that just a couple lanes over was swimming the greatest swimmer of all time.

In the video (you’ll have to wait out a quick commercial at the beginning), you’ll see NBAC and long-time Michael Phelps coach Bob Bowman poolside, with Olympians Allison Schmitt, France’s mid-distance superstar Yannick Agnel, Danish distance star Lotte Friis, Conor Dwyer, Matt McLean, Tom Luchsinger, and now Tunisian Olympic champion Ous Mellouli, who recently joined the squad as well after making a move from USC.

Most notable — and suggestive, especially given Phelps’ evasiveness when asked if he plans to make a full come-back or not — is that the NBAC caps the squad are wearing all have the words “Rio 2016” emblazoned on the side of them.

Here is the video–

FOX 13 News

Here is a photo that Tom Luchsinger posted to his Instagram account (follow Tom on Instagram here) of the full group on the beach in St. Petersburg–


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