Wanna Know What It’s Like to Swim on the Collegiate Level?

Hannah Freyman from North Carolina State’s swim and diving program put together a 9-minute documentary that outlines a typical day of training and schooling at the ACC school.

Freyman is a backstroke and freestyle specialist from Peoria, Illinois. Over the course of the 2012-2013 season she won All-ACC honors leading off the 200 yard freestyle relay, while also breaking the school records in the 200 & 400 free relays. She also posted the 2nd fastest 100 yard backstroke in school history (53.48) and was named to the ACC-All Academic Team.

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For those of you who are in the midst of the recruiting process, or simply just want to get a peek at the lavish lifestyle that is being a collegiate swimmer (yes, I’m being sarcastic) Freyman’s video is a great representation of the college swimming experience.


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