The Ultimate List of Swimming Articles

Swimming Articles

This page has all the swim articles we’ve written since launching in 2013.

There are over 1,000 articles on the site, all looking to address the question, “How can I help you swim faster?”

To answer this, the swimming articles that populate cover a span of topics, from nutrition, to mental training, to swimming workouts and sets for swimmers, to swim and pool gear, and a whole lot more.

This site includes content on:

The mission is simple: to help you unleash some serious high-performance on your swimming, whether that means hacking your practices or learning how to stay cool and collected when you are stepping up on the block. Or, just finding the right pair of swim goggles. 

Dive in, poke around, and get more from your time in the pool.

Swim Training Tips

Swimming faster in the pool requires attention to detail, including swimming with excellent technique, using the right tools for getting more from your swim practices, and more. 

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Swim Workouts

Looking for some swim workouts and sets to take your training and race-day performance to the next level? Here is a huge collection of swimming workouts for every type of swimmer and goal. 

Individual Medley Swim Workouts

6 Individual Medley Swim Workouts

Ready to take your individual medley to the next level? Here are some IM sets and workouts to help you build a bigger aerobic base, learn proper pacing, and improve the weak strokes in your IM.

For all of our swim workouts and swim sets, click here

Mental Training Articles

Looking to elevate your mental game in the pool? From goal setting to developing epic levels of confidence on race day, learn the secrets of peak mental performance in the pool. 

Journaling Prompts for Swimmers

21 Journaling Prompts for Swimmers

Feeling stuck with your journaling? Here are some journaling prompts for swimmers to build self-awareness, confidence, and help swimmers maintain perspective over the course of

For more articles and guides on conquering mental training in swimming, click here.

Dryland Articles

Dryland and strength training are proven ways to get more from your swimming performance. From dryland workouts to core training to the best stretches for swimmers, we’ve got the pool-side of swim training covered.

For more articles and guides on using dryland to help you swim faster than ever, click here.

Nutrition Articles

The swimmer’s appetite is legendary. We have tapped some of the best sport dietitians in the world to provide nutrition advice specific to swimmers.

For more articles and guides on how to fuel for success in the pool, click here.

Swim Gear Articles

As a lifelong competitive swimmers, I’ve tested and tried just about every piece of swim gear under the sun. Below, you’ll find unbiased reviews of many popular types of swimming equipment.

For more reviews and to see all of the swim gear we have tested, click here.

Most Recent Articles

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