Get Your Kick in Shape with this Variable Kick Set

Get Your Kick in Shape with this Variable Speed Kick Set

Want to improve the overall conditioning in your legs? Develop stronger posture in the water? How about becoming a more mindful kicker?

If so, today’s kick set has got you covered.

Michael Chapman, head coach of the Boonville Aquatic Dolphins, has a set for you swimmers out there looking to give your kick a boost.

By mixing up speeds and also including some vertical kicking you will develop a more mindful and mechanically-sound and ultimately, a faster freestyle kick.

Coach Michael Chapman Boonville Aquatic Dolphins
Coach Chapman

Chapman has been coaching in the Evansville, Indiana, area for over a decade. During this time he was one of 100m breaststroke Olympic champion Lilly King‘s developmental coaches, being her primary coach until she was 15-years old.

The Variable Speed Kick Set

4 Rounds–

3 x 50 Flutter Kick on 1:00

  • Round 1- 50 Slow and Powerful
  • Round 2- 25 FAST/25 Slow and Powerful
  • Round 3- Alternate 6 FAST kicks/ 6 Slow and Powerful Kicks
  • Round 4- 50 FAST

Following each round- 1 minute vertical kicking

Notes from Coach Chapman:

  • The focus of this set is general conditioning and focus on the kick itself.
  • The slow and powerful kick gives swimmers the opportunity to think about the mechanics of the kick, and taking the time to feel the power.
  • Then we add in some fast kicking once they have felt the mechanics.
  • The vertical kicking between rounds helps build stronger hips and improves their body posture.

A special shout-out to Coach Chapman for taking the time to send over this set. Inject it into one of your next workouts and kick your way to a stronger, err, kick!

You can stay up to date with the Boonville Aquatic Dolphins by following them on Twitter as well as on Instagram.

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