6 Best Swimming Goggles with Nose Covers

6 Best Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover

Looking for swimming goggles that have a nose piece? Here is our hand-picked selection of the best swim goggles with nose covers.

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable activities and sports you can engage in. Losing yourself in the silence of the water is a great way to exercise, spend time with yourself, and unplug from the outside world.

One of the essential pieces of swimming gear you need for your time in the water are swimming goggles.

The best swim goggles help you see where you are going, what’s around you, and what’s happening under the surface of the water.

But for swimmers looking for something a little more recreational than competition-grade swim goggles, swim masks or swim goggles with nose covers provide a soft and comfortable alternative.

Here is a breakdown of our top swim goggles with nose covers for adults and children.

Best Swimming Goggles with Nose Covers

Speedo Adult Recreation Dive Mask and Swim Goggles

⭐ Best overall swim mask

Speedo Adult Swim Mask

Speedo is one of the leading manufacturers of swimming equipment on the planet. They have a long history of producing excellent swimming goggles for competitive and recreational swimmers. It should come as little surprise that we ranked their swimming goggles with a nose piece as best in class.

The Speedo Adult Recreation Mask and Swim Goggles come in three different colors. This particular model is geared towards older children (14 years and age and above) and adults.

The polycarbonate lens is wide and has an anti-fog coating to provide crystal-clear vision in the water. The head straps, nose piece, and side skirt are made of long-lasting silicone that stand up to the wear and tear of pool chemicals.

Intex Reef Ryder Swim Goggles

⭐ Best budget-friendly swim goggles with nose cover

Intex Reef Ryder Swim Goggles

Intex is another one of our favorite swim and pool manufacturers. Intex above ground swimming pools consistently rank at the top of our list thanks to affordability and quality.

The Intex Reef Ryder Goggles provide all the usual benefits of goggles with nose covers, including a sturdy and flexible polycarbonate lens that provides an exceptional field of view.

The rubber skirt sits comfortably on the face and provides a leak-free swimming experience. Intex makes these bad boys in a couple of different colors and recommends them for swimmers aged 8-years and up.

Intex Reef Ryder
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Speedo Adventure Swim Goggles with Nose Cover (Junior)

⭐ Best swim goggles with nose cover for kids

Speedo Swim Goggles with Nose Cover - Junior

For younger swimmers, the Speedo Adventure Swim Goggles provides all the same benefits and industry-leading construction of the adult goggle. (For more swim goggles for kids check out this list.)

The anti-fog polycarbonate lens keeps your vision under the water crystal-clear. A silicone skirt lightly suctions to the face, providing a leak-free swimming experience.

The head-straps are easy to adjust before getting into the water (and even once in the water), and with four colors to choose from, the Speedo Adventure Swim Goggles with Nose Cover will help maximize fun in the water.

Recommended for junior swimmers between the age of 6-14 years.

Rongbenyuan Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover

Rongbenyuan Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover

Rongbenyuan might be a little tricky to say, but these swim goggles with nose cover are a cinch to put on. They are excellent for recreational swimming, snorkeling, and they fit most older children and adults.

They are available in a wide variety of colors, and the heavy-duty adjustable buckles on the sides make sure that the goggles stay in place no matter how active you are in the water.

All the usual bells and whistles are included with these goggles, including an anti-fog coating, panoramic 180-degree view, and soft silicone skirt for a comfortable fit.

COPOZZ Swim Goggles with Nose Cover

COPOZZ Swim Goggles with Nose Cover

COPOZZ is a lesser-known player in the recreational swim gear market, but they do produce exceptional kit for scuba and snorkeling, including one of our favorite scuba masks.

Unlike the other goggles on this list, COPOZZ goggles come with a mirrored tint, making them ideal of sunny days and brightly-lit swimming pools.

The peripheral vision on these is also unreal; putting them on I could barely see the frame of the housing unit, making them a great choice for people who want maximum vision under the water.

These goggles come in five different colors and are made with tempered glass (compared to the typical polycarbonate of the other goggles on this list), which make them ideal for recreational swimming and deeper-water snorkeling and scuba diving.

The COPOZZ goggles have adjustable head straps for a proper fit and the silicone skirt and nose cover sit comfortably on the face.

Choworld Swimming Mask with Nose Piece

Choworld Swimming Mask with Nose Piece

A no-frills and Amazon choice’d swim goggle with nose cover (these swim goggles have over 1,500 five-star reviews and counting) is the Choworld Swim Mask.

Available in half a dozen colors, the Choworld Swim Goggles with Nose Cover has an anti-fog coating to prevent the goggles from getting steamed up while you are swimming.

(To maintain the anti-fog, consider picking up one of our favorite anti-fog sprays for maximum goggle lens visibility.)

The 100% silicone skirt sits snug on your face without leaving those long-lasting red rings on your face after extended use in the water.

Swim Goggles with Nose Covers — FAQs

What should I look for when choosing swim goggles with nose covers?

There are several key things to look for when shopping for a new set. They include:

⭐ Size of the lens. Swim masks and goggles with nose covers have extra wide lenses compared to regular swim goggles, giving users maximum field of vision.

⭐Silicone straps for durability. Goggles and masks take a beating, from the UV exposure to being in chlorinated water, they have to be able to stand up to the elements. Look for silicone straps as they are incredibly durable.

⭐ Polarized or mirrored lens. Swim masks and goggles that cover your nose are mostly designed for outdoor use. Look for a polycarbonate lens that has been UV treated to protect from the sun and polarized to eliminate glare.

⭐ Antifog. Almost every goggle worth their salt has some sort of antifog coating on the inside of the goggle lens. This feature should be standard. Also consider investing in an antifog spray; they are dirt cheap and can drastically increase the lifespan of your goggles.

⭐ Price. Finally, we have budget. The best swimming goggles with nose covers aren’t overly expensive–at most we are talking $35.

What are the benefits of swim goggles with a nose cover

What are the benefits of wearing these kind of swim goggles or swim masks?

Masks and goggles that cover your nose have several distinct benefits over regular swim goggles.

For starters, the nose pocket on swim goggles and swim masks allows swimmers to easily equalize pressure when snorkeling or swimming under the water.

Additionally, the peripheral vision with these wide-angle lenses makes it a breeze to see everything that’s happening under (and above) the water. This makes swimming goggles that cover your nose a safety boost when splashing around in the water.

The Bottom Line

Nothing quite beats hitting the water, whether it’s the backyard swimming pool or at the beach on your next vacation.

And one of the best investments you can make in the enjoyment and safety are goggles with a nose cover.

To recap our best swimming goggles with nose covers:

⭐ The Speedo Adult Recreation Swim Goggle and Mask is our top choice thanks to the industry-leading design from the best swim brand in the water. Easy to adjust, durable silicone straps, and lots of colors to choose from.

⭐ The Intex Reef Ryder is our top budget-friendly option, at less than $10, featuring a polycarbonate lens and snug-fitting nose pocket for easy equalizing and leak-free swimming.

⭐ The Junior version of the Speed Recreation Swim Goggle with Nose Cover is the best pick for kids. Get your aqua-sploring in a range of colors (suitable for kids from 6-14 years).

Choose the right goggles with nose cover for you, hit the water, and make the most of your time splashing around!

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