Ryan Hoffer underwater dolphin kick

Ryan Hoffer’s Underwater Dolphin Kick is Utterly Ridiculous [Video]

At the recent West 2015 Speedo Junior Championships held at the University of Texas, Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Ryan Hoffer swam completely out of his mind to dominate the sprint freestyle events.

In the 100 yard freestyle the decimated the field, with a body length lead at the 50. Powered by his unbelievably powerful underwater dolphin kick he clocked a 41.23 to easily win, with second place well over 2 seconds back.

To give you some perspective of how fast that time was, the high school junior’s time would have won the NCAA Division 1 championships by over three tenths of a second.

The swim was also a national age group record for 17-18 year old boys, beating the 41.90 formerly held by Caleb Dressel, who now swims at the University of Florida. Hoffer has another year to try to become the youngest swimmer to ever crack the 41 second mark.

Here is the race video:

In this video posted to the Scottsdale Swim Twitter account we catch some of those underwaters at work in practice, with Hoffer dolphin kicking his way to a :16 second 50 yard kick while wearing fins.

Yes. Sixteen seconds.

Here is the video below:

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