The 6 Best Swim Paddles for Crushing It in the Pool

7 Best Swim Paddles for Getting Stronger and Better Technique

Swim paddles are an excellent tool for getting stronger in the water and improving technique. Here’s a breakdown of the best paddles for swimmers.

From beginner to elite, swim paddles are among the favorite pieces of equipment on the pool deck.

The reason is simple: Similar to using fins or flippers on our feet can help develop strength and power in our lower body, strapping on a set of paddles along with our favorite pull buoy can give our upper body a power-based pounding, helping strengthen our stroke and pulling motion.

For a few fleeting moments we get to experience increased levels of speed, while also doing swim-specific strength building.

In this guide, we will look at the best swim paddles on the pool deck right now. We’ll cover key features of each, which swim paddles are best for which kind of swimmer, and more.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Swim Paddles

Why Trust Us

Over the years I have bought, used and tested every set of swim paddles on the pool deck.

Having researched dozens of different kinds of swimming hand paddles, and used them while doing sprints, distance sets, and with or without hand straps, I’ve put these swim paddles to the test.

I know that each swimmer’s needs and goals are different, and the selections and choices below reflect that.

Based on my nearly three decades in and around the pool, and thousands of kilometers swum in the pool, here is my list of the best swim paddles out there for the chlorinated athlete.

Best Pool Paddles for Swimmers

1. Speedo Power Plus Paddles

⭐ Best hand paddles for power training

Speedo Power Plus Hand Paddles

Speedo is probably the best-known company when it comes to making swim gear. Whether it’s their line of tech suits, swimming goggles, or swim bags, Speedo brings it.

These swim training paddles are no exception.

The Speedo Power Plus hand paddles are my favorite go-to pool paddle for developing a stronger pull in the water.

I have a black set currently in my mesh swim bag and have been using them regularly over the past six years. The straps on them have not disintegrated whatsoever, which is remarkable given their daily use and my complete lack of care (you should rinse your swim gear from time to time) for them.

Speedo Power Plus Paddles (1)

Nearly daily I use them for pull work (I eat up paddle/band/pull buoy sets like dessert) and everyone’s favorite type of set… using swim fins and paddles for all-out, blistering sprint work!

These hand paddles have served me well over the years and will continue to do so.

The Speedo Power Plus Paddles come in four different color combinations and four different sizes, from small to X-Large, and retail for around $20.


  • Best paddle for building power and strength in the water
  • Extremely durable
  • Contoured edges for a more natural feel in the water
  • Customizable wrist and finger straps
  • Made by Speedo–the most trusted name in swim gear


  • Rubber straps will degrade eventually from chlorine exposure
  • No elevated palm rest on the paddle

2. Sporti Power Swim Paddles

⭐ Best budget-friendly power swim paddle

Sporti Power Plus Paddles

The Sporti Power Paddles are another hand paddle designed for speed and power in the water.

These paddles are also almost hilariously inexpensive, at less than $10 at Swim Outlet (Sporti is Swim Outlet’s inhouse swim brand).

The paddles have the same hand-shaped paddle and rubber tubing as the Speedo Power Paddles, but feature a raised contour for your palm. This makes the paddles sit more naturally on your hand and helps the paddle “suction” into the hand for a more secure fit.

Sporti Power Paddle - best budget-friendly power swim paddles

The Sporti Power Paddles are built for extended use and speed—I love using them for effort 50s as they stay perfectly in place, when sprinting.

Sporti offers them in three sizes (the “large” is more like an “XL”, in my experience) and with a price tag at half the cost as other paddles with similar features and build quality.

3. FINIS Agility Paddles

⭐ Best strapless swim paddles

Best Swim Paddles - FINIS Agility Swim Paddles

While Speedo is the big name in swimming equipment, whether it’s with swim caps, goggles, or swimsuits, FINIS has quietly become the pioneering swim brand.

From their swimmer’s snorkel, to the Tempo Trainer Pro, to their Monofin, FINIS produces a line of bad-ass swim gear developed for high performance in the water.

The FINIS agility paddle is no exception.

FINIS Agility Swim Paddles

The first time you look at them you can be forgiven for being confused—they look more like a pair of plastic plates than paddles. No straps? No holes to pass water?


The Agility paddles’ biggest feature is that they come without straps to keep the paddles attached to your hand. Instead, there is just a small hole to slide your thumb.

This unique design promotes great technique in the water, as the moment your hand entry starts to get sloppy, the paddle will slide off.

Although I always get some furrowed brows when I show these paddles to swimmers, they are an excellent and hand paddle that can be used with all four strokes in the water.

4. Arena Flex Paddles

Arena Flex Swim Paddles

Departing from the usual plastic dinner plates that swimmers strap to their hands is the Arena Flex paddle, which is a mesh paddle that doesn’t provide the same amount of propulsion, but they are also not as hard on the shoulders as your traditional plastic paddle.

The Arena Flex Hand Paddles have a flexible surface that is made of mesh that flexes to the unique grooves and contours of your palm and fingers, giving you an enhanced feel for the water and a more comfortable fit on your hand.

These swim paddles are more for technique improvement, as the added resistance of the mesh and the fact that water flows through the mesh will really force you to focus on achieving a better early vertical forearm. The Arena Flex paddles can be interchanged with your regular plastic paddles which are more suited for power and strength development.

The Arena Flex comes in three different color combinations and retails for around $20, making it an awesome and cost-effective tool for working your stroke and strengthening your pull at the pool.

5. FINIS Freestyler Paddles

⭐ Best paddles for improving freestyle hand entry

FINIS Freestyler Swim Paddles

As you can probably guesstimate by the name of the paddle this one is made for you freestylers out there (present company included). I’ve found that they are especially popular with triathletes, who train a majority of freestyle in the pool.

The Freestyler is designed in such a way that it encourages a longer stroke and proper hand entry. Because there are no wrist straps, a poor hand entry will leave the paddle twisted on your hand. The shape of the paddle also pushes you to really reach at the beginning of your stroke, extending distance per stroke.

The Freestyler paddles are a great beginner hand paddle for newer swimmers who are more focused on fine-tuning their technique and learning the most efficient ways to move through the water. Also, because the paddles don’t have a frisbee amount of surface area, they are easier on your shoulders and elbows compared to some of the bigger, more strength-oriented pool paddles on the market.

Fun facts about the FINIS Freestyler paddles:

  • They have adjustable rubber straps for your fingers.
  • They come in both adult and junior sizes

6. Arena Elite Fingertip Paddles

⭐ Best fingertip swim paddles

Arena Fingertip Swim Paddles

Lastly, we have a specialized paddle that won’t really give you the standard benefits of using paddles (building strength and swimming really, really fast).

The purpose of finger paddles is to help you power up the farthest reaches of your stroke—the point where your fingertips begin the pull. The very top and beginning of the stroke. The small surface area of the paddles highlights the “feel for the water” in your fingers.

Fingertip paddles will also help you emphasize a “fingers down” pulling motion and help you avoid pushing down on the water, and instead of pulling it back. Fingertip paddles are also ideal for doing sculling work.

The Arena Fingertip Swim Paddles are my favorite of this sub-niche of pool paddles, as the dual straps help to keep the paddles in place (even when your technique falters and the paddle tries to slide off). Arena offers them in three different colors, including lime green and pink, for around $14.

7. Strokemaker Hand Paddles for Swimming

⭐ Best Old-school “classic” swim paddles

Strokemaker Swimming Hand Paddles

These paddles have been around pool decks for a long time.

I remember them filling up our equipment bin during my age group swimming days–we’d scramble through the bin to find matching sets before those dark early morning swim practices more times than I can count.

The Strokemakers are old school paddle that has taken up a couple of updates over the years, and this recent edition is their most durable Strokemaker Paddle to date.

Strokemaker Hand Paddles

Designed by longtime swim coaches, the Strokemaker features vents to allow a slight amount of water to pass through and give you a more natural feel for the water. The paddles–especially when you take the wrist strap off–will coach you to not finish your arm pull too soon.

The Strokemakers come in a huge variety of sizes, and are right up there when it comes to the biggest swim paddles on the market.

Strokemaker has a handy sizing chart that provides recommendations on paddle size depending on your age and experience level, with the size 0 paddles being best suited for swimmers aged 5-10 with the size 5 paddles being for the strongest swimmers in the pool.

Available in a wide range of colors, the Strokemaker Swim Paddles are long-lasting, designed for improving swim performance, and will help you exaggerate (and correct!) some of the more classic stroke errors in the water.


  • Hard plastic that will last forever
  • Made in the USA
  • Best old-school swim paddle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Tons of strap adjustment positions


  • Not very ergonomic

Other Swim Paddles We’ve Tried and Tested

The A3 Performance Swim Paddles are very similar to the Sporti Swim Paddles, with the contoured palm and paddles shape, but are more expensive.

The FINIS Manta Swim Paddles are a strapless power paddle that blends the Agility Paddle with the added power-development of larger swim paddles. While I love the concept, the plastic rubbed hard on my knuckle when swimming.

How to Choose the Right Swim Paddles for Lap Swimming

Here is what you need to know about choosing the right paddles for you and your swimming.

✅ Paddle size.

Select paddles that are just larger than your hands. I know the temptation to get the biggest possible paddles is real—bigger paddles mean more power and more speed—but your priority with paddles is to progressively build strength, not blow your shoulders out.

Just like when you are choosing a pair of swim fins for training, the larger the tool, the slower your stroke tempo will be in the water.

You want a paddle that balances power development with a stroke rate that is similar to your regular swimming to get the maximum benefit from them.

✅ Ergonomics.

Paddles come in a variety of depths, shapes, and with or without vents to replicate the experience of swimming without paddles.

Speedo’s old-school paddles were a simple rectangular shape, but paddles have since transitioned into hand-like shapes that mimic our natural hand and finger positions in the water.

Some pool paddles are also raised and contoured in the middle to match your palm, but for the most part, swim paddles are flat.

How to Choose Swim Paddles
The A3 Performance Swim Paddles have a raised contour for the palm.

✅ Straps vs No straps.

Paddles are kept on the hand (usually) with a pair of rubber straps. A smaller one for the knuckle of your middle finger, and a second larger strap that goes around your wrist. Beginners to pool paddles will want to use both straps to get used to the feeling of swimming with them.

As you get comfortable, you can try removing the wrist strap to get the technique benefits of using hand paddles. Without the wrist strap you will have to really focus on putting full pressure on the water through the full stroking motion.

Lastly, there are some specialty paddles (the Agility Paddles and the FINIS Manta paddles) that are strapless and best suited for experienced swimmers.

Swim Paddles - Straps vs No Straps

Swim Paddles — FAQs

Why use swim paddles?

Paddles are a great tool for building strength in the water. They over-exaggerate the amount of water you are pulling. Paddles essentially help you to “catch” more water.

The result of using paddles in the pool is that you develop more power and strength through your catch and pull.

Paddles help you develop upper body strength, from your forearms to your back and chest, and of course, your shoulders.

They are also very handy as a technique-correction tool.

Removing the wrist strap when using them (and just using the small finger strap on your middle finger) reinforces the importance of entering the water cleanly with your hand.

And paddles, with the added surface area, encourage a more efficient pulling pattern by developing awareness of the pulling motion.

What kind of swim paddles do I need?

The type of swim paddles you choose for yourself comes down to you and your goals in the water.

Are you looking strictly to develop hysterical amounts of velocity and power in the water? Paddles like the Speedo Power Plus or FINIS Manta Ray are excellent options.

How to Choose the Best Swim Paddles

Are you trying to improve your feel for the water? Try a finger-tip paddle to take your sculling to the next level?

Is your goal to really hone and improve your swim technique? Pick up a specialty swim paddle like the FINIS Agility Paddle or the FINIS Freestyler Swim Paddles.

It’s not uncommon to see elite swimmers with several pairs of paddles in their mesh bag, so choose a swim paddle (or two!) that lines up with what you are planning on accomplishing in the pool.

Why do people use swim paddles?

Swim paddles are used to help increase pulling power and also improve technique in the water.

Swim paddles were originally designed to be strictly for building strength in the water, with the added surface on the hand creating more muscular demands on a swimmer’s upper body, thereby helping creating stronger swimmers overall.

In recent years, a new wave of swim paddles have come along that are technique-oriented, helping encourage a cleaner hand entry, constant palm pressure, and even help improve that mythical feel for the water.

What is the best size for swim paddles?

The natural instinct is to get the biggest of the big paddles—the more surface area on the paddle, the faster we can hurl ourselves through the water.

What is the Best Size for Swim Paddles

But a massive paddle slows down your stroke tempo so much that it becomes counter-productive.

Select a paddle that is just slightly larger than your hand. In my experience, both in my own swimming and coaching swimmers, is to aim for a paddle size that is about 25% larger than the size of your hand.

Should beginners use swim paddles?

Beginners should exercise caution when using swim paddles in the water. When starting out, your focus should be on the fundamentals of swimming with good form and technique.

Adding load to a developing stroke can be risky when swimming with poor technique, overusing them, or improperly sizing the paddles. I can understand the appeal of going and choosing the biggest paddles you can find in the hopes that it will be like loading up a barbell with more weight plates and therefore make you stronger.

But swim paddles add stress to the shoulder and elbow joints and should be used intelligently and progressively.

Beginners should approach swim paddles with the goal in mind to help improve technique first, and as form improves, use the paddles more and more for developing power and strength in the water.

The Final Lap

Swim paddles are one of my all-time favorite tools for mixing things up in the water.

Whether it’s doing a swim set with them (20×100 free with paddles is a favorite) or a pull buoy and paddles set (try this 500-400-300-200-100 set that US Olympic coach Gregg Troy loves), paddles are an excellent tool for faster swimming.

To recap our breakdown of the top paddles on the market:

⭐ Most swimmers will love the Speedo Power Plus Paddles, which come in a bunch of different colors and sizes. These paddles give you tons of flexibility with straps and they have vents to mimic the feeling of your natural swim stroke.

⭐ For a simple, old-school paddle, the Strokemakers Hand Paddles are an excellent option for younger swimmers (they have youth swim paddle sizes) and experienced swimmers alike.

⭐ More experienced swimmers will want to give the FINIS Agility swim paddles a try. With a strapless design, these paddles place an emphasis on helping you develop power while maintaining excellent technique in the water.

Whatever your goals are in the pool, the right set of swim paddles will help you get there.

Choose the right paddles for you and get to paddlin’!

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