Kick and Swim Set to Get in Shape

Get in Shape Quick with this Freestyle Kick and Swim Set

This Kick and Swim Set Will Get You in Shape

There’s no question that swimmers who can kick and who are in good shape are going to finish their races ahead of the competition.

I’ve always been a big fan of swim/kick sets, and the below swim workout is designed to boost your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. In both main sets the reps are half kick, half swim. The goal is to maintain the intensity of the kick into your swimming.

It also includes something that I call “Active Reset”—it’s part recovery and part technical work.

Let’s do this!


800 swim/kick/drill/swim by 200.

  • Build the last 200 swim to about 85% effort.


6×25 free swim w FIN @1:00 as 15m BLAST, 10m cruise

150 choice @ 3:00

  • Choice swim/kick/pull—shake it out


21×100 free as 50 kick, 50 swim @1:45

  • Maintain kick through the swim.
  • If 1:45 is too fast, pick an interval where you need to push to get around :20 rest.


8×25 free kick, arms at side, with fins and snorkel @:45

  • Focus on excellent body position. High hips, straight head.
  • This is “easy” recovery work, but to be done with focus. Don’t be sloppy!


7×100 free as 50 kick, 50 swim @2:00

  • The goal is simple: As fast as you can on every rep. Best average.
  • Just like the first round of 100s, maintain kick intensity through the swim.


12×50 single arm backstroke w FIN @1:10

  • 10-15m of big, wide underwater dolphin kicks off each wall to open your hips and back

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