Elvis Burrows Start

Sprinter Elvis Burrows Shows Us Where Explosive Starts Come From

Sprinters know that their race is made or lost in the start. It’s no accident that France’s Florent Manaudou, the reigning Olympic champion in the 50m freestyle decimates everyone off of the blocks and through the breakout.

The swim start is fundamentally a dryland activity. It’s not something you can work on while swimming your laps, it’s something you gotta dry off and train, which is maybe why so few swimmers truly excel at it.

Elvis Burrows, a 27-year old drop-dead sprinter from the Bahamas has one of the most powerful starts in the business.

The former University of Kentucky Wildcat represented his home country at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In 2012 he just missed out on qualifying for the London Games, missing the cut by 0.04.

Since then he has been refocused on going to Rio. And with the dryland stack that he performs below you gotta believe that he is going to be fast.

Check it:

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