Power Up Your IM and Stroke Events with This Set from Badger Aquatics Club

Power Up Your IM and Stroke Events with This Set from Badger Aquatics Club

Build some serious closing speed with this IM/stroke set from the Badger Aquatics Club.

Drew Walden, Head Coach and CEO of Badger Aquatics sent over his favorite set for helping his swimmers develop some ruthless closing speed in their individual medley and stroke events.

(Sorry freestylers, we’ll get at you next time.)

Over his years of coaching Walden was named 2010 Wisconsin Coach of the Year, sent countless athletes to successful collegiate programs, and more recently helped produce US National Team member Ivy Martin.

Let’s get to it.

The Badger Aquatics Club IM/Stroke Set

Walden’s submission is designed to help swimmers focus and improve on their transitions, and ranks among his favorite IM sets. It’s also mega versatile and gives the athletes some opportunities to pick-and-choose the work they are doing.

“The set allows us to mix all our swimmers together; IM’ers, stroke or even freestyle, for those kids that are unable to do another stroke,” says Walden.

As you will see, the swim workout is also great for overall leg conditioning, with an increasing effort load on the legs through the round and the workout.

“We are trying to create the ability to ‘come home’ fast using their legs to achieve the increase of speed,” adds Walden.

Here is the set, which totals 3,600 yards:

4 rounds through–

1 x 200 @ 2:30 can be done as either:

  • 2 x 100 IM working transitions
  • 200 IM negative split 50’s
  • Stroke by round; 2nd 100 faster than 1st working on negative effort by 100’s.

2 x 100 @ 1:30 Choice by rounds

  • Build the 2nd 100 doing the same stroke as 1st 100 but faster;
  • Should be done as the opposite of the above 200 (so if you did IM on the 200 do stroke on the 100’s; if you did stroke do IM on the 100’s).
  • Same concept as the 200’s but in a shorter distance with faster efforts.

4 x 50 as either:

  • 50 sprint kick IM order by 50’s
  • Or main stroke + :40 rest

8 x 25 @:30 Fast as either IM or stroke

1 x 100 EZ @1:30

  • Each round takes 15 mins, and is 900 yards long
  • Total yardage: 3,600

Here is the BAC swimmers putting in work on the set:

A big thank you to Coach Drew for taking the time to send over this set, and his head age group coach Jacob Johnson for putting together the video.

Stay up-to-date with BAC on Twitter and on that picture-thingy Instagram.

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