MP Michael Phelps Chronos Swim Goggles Review

Goggle Review: MP Chronos Swim Goggles

The MP Chronos is a Swedish goggle that was designed with the help of the greatest Olympian of all-time, Michael Phelps. Here’s a swimmer’s review of the MP Chronos swimming goggles.

Swimmers live and die by their goggles.

Although they look like a super simple piece of swimming gear, your goggles help you see in the water (that sounds important!), properly judge things in the pool (wall, pace clock, other swimmers), and protect your eyes from the harsh chemicals and their byproducts of the pool.

The MP Chronos goggles, part of the Michael Phelps line of swim gear that he produces along with Aqua Sphere, are a gasket-lined Swedish goggle that is durable and comfortable.

Here’s my breakdown of the MP Chronos goggles and what you need to know about them.

What are the MP Chronos goggles?

The MP Chronos goggles are a Swedish-type training and racing goggle. The lenses are made of a polycarbonate that gives you great peripheral vision, whether it’s to the side, down, or up.

But unlike traditional Swedish goggles, the Chronos feature a thin but comfortable gasket that lines the lens for added comfort. If you don’t prefer the feeling of hard plastic against your face with your Swedes, the Chronos provide a softer fit.

MP Chronos Swimming Goggle Review

The MP Chronos goggles feature a double head strap that is made of long-lasting silicone and comes with a string and tube nose piece if you wanna go old school and assemble your nose piece.

The MP Chronos are mostly a training goggle for swimmers, with the MP Xceed goggles (the ones Phelps wore in Rio) being more of a premium competition goggle.

“I’ve worn a bunch of Swedes in my career, and I think we’ve made the best Swede,” said Michael Phelps.

MP Chronos: Out of the Box First Impressions

The MP Chronos goggles are ready to wear out of the packaging. Although you will have to tighten the silicone nose strap that is already laced through the lenses, within a few moments you can have your goggles on and in the water.

I wore them for a couple two-hour long swim practices and found them exceptionally comfortable. No leakage from diving in, the anti-fog held up nicely over the first couple sessions, and the peripheral vision was excellent.

This was my favorite feature of these goggles—the ability to see up really well.

MP Chronos Swim Goggles

The square-ish lenses provide exceptional peripheral vision, especially when you are looking “up” when swimming. Being able to see clearly up is critical for estimating distance into the walls and watching out for the errant lap swimmer.

MP Chronos: The verdict

All in all, I really liked these goggles! They are super comfortable, don’t leak at all, and stay snugly on your face once you put them on.

For swimmers who would like a more “pro” goggle but don’t want to go straight for the hard-plastic lenses of Swedish goggles, the Chronos is a fantastic alternative.

You will be able to wear them for long stretches in training, and the durability and slim profile of the goggles means you can rock out with them in competition.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Chronos was that they don’t come in a mirrored tint, which kind of surprised me. The MP Chronos does come in a wide variety of colors and tints, from clear to smoke (which are the ones I reviewed in this post).

MP Chronos Smoke

MP Chronos Black


MP Chronos Blue

MP Chronos Blue


MP Chronos Pink

MP Chronos Pink


MP Chronos Blue-Yellow

MP Chronos Blue Yellow



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