Swim Gear Review: Zoomers Fins

Swim Gear Review: Zoomers Fins

They are one of the most popular pieces of equipment in the mesh bags of swimmers. Here’s a breakdown and review of Zoomers fins.

Zoomers fins are one of the old-school swim fins for competitive swimmers looking to improve performance in the pool.

From developing better ankle flexibility to increasing overall kicking fitness, strapping on a pair of fins is one of the most effective ways to improve the kick, whether for a beginner or an elite-level swimmer.

Here’s why Zoomers are among the best type of swimming fins to improve your kick and become a better swimmer.

Swim Gear Review: FINIS Zoomers Fins

Zoomers: The Short-Bladed Answer to Your Tall Swimming Goals

I’ve been using Zoomers on-and-off for as long as I can remember.

During my age group days I had a pair of red, knock-off Zoomers that were so rigid that they caused horrendous blisters with every use. I resorted to wearing socks, both regular cotton running socks, and later neoprene socks to help combat this.

Fortunately, in recent years the Zoomers fins have started using a more forgiving rubber material that allows a greater degree of flexion (and far less of those gnarly blisters on the top of your feet).

Why short fins are better for swimmers.

When you first get into the market for fins the temptation is always to go as large as possible. More surface area = more speed, right?

Well, yes and no.

The bigger fins will help you generate more propulsion, but at the expense of your kick rate.

Swimming, like any other sport, is all about training for specificity. If you want a fast, powerful kick, strapping on fins with a three-foot blade will only cut your kicking tempo drastically and turn you into a slow, lumbering kicker.

The short-blade fin gives you the benefit of added speed and power, while also ensuring that you are kicking at a tempo that is close to your actual (and target) kicking tempo, maximizing gains.

Save the long blade fins for scuba diving.

The Benefits of Training with Zoomers Fins

Like I really need to sell you on the benefits of training with Zoomers fins, right?

I am gonna anyway:

Improve ankle flexibility. Wearing Zoomers while kicking and swimming will help you extend the range of motion in your kick, and particularly with your feet and ankles. The added pressure will help give your ankles a nice, light stretch that will increase range of motion over time.

Teach your better body position. With the added speed of wearing them you will experience what it takes to swim at a higher velocity. Note your body position. Where your hips are. How a tight kick lowers your drag profile. These are things you should carry over to your regular swimming. You can use Zoomers as a teaching tool for more efficient swimming.

Gives you full range of movement. Training tools are fun to use, but should reinforce good habits in your swimming. Zoomers, because they fit tightly around your feet and only exaggerate the surface area slightly, help you retain an identical range of motion and technique compared to your regular swimming. This is important, as some swim tools out there (ahem—pull buoys) change your posture and technique.

Helps eliminate knee bend. One of the major technical errors with backstrokers is excessive knee bend when they are kicking. It’s an obvious mistake too—you will see the swimmer’s knees puncture the surface repeatedly. Freestylers aren’t immune to this either. Zoomers fins have a way of helping swimmers to reduce this by exposing how little propulsion this type of movement generates. Zoomers are able to provide an “a-ha!” moment for swimmers by showing them how much quicker they can fly through the water when they kick from their hips and core instead of their knees.

Swim Gear Review: FINIS Zoomers Fins

Where to Buy Zoomers Fins

The FINIS yellow Zoomers gold fins can be picked up at SwimOutlet, and is made of long-lasting 100% natural rubber.

Swim Gear Review: FINIS Zoomers Fins

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