7 Reasons You Should Absolutely Date a Swimmer

7 Reasons You Should Absolutely Date a Swimmer

Even with the smell of chlorine and the laser focus on something that isn’t you, you wouldn’t want to be dating anyone else.

Swimmers are a dedicated, crazy bunch.

Whether you have gone down the path of dating an athlete before or not, it’s impossible to ignore that swimmers are a little different. They have the perks of being an athlete without the big head that comes from a pursuit of fame or riches.

Outside of the fact that they manage a crazy schedule, can handle more than a little bit of pain and physical agony, and that they are ridiculously, ridiculously good looking, here are 7 reasons you should absolutely date a swimmer:

1. You can pig-out together. There are no pretenses when it comes to eating. She trains. A lot. And as such she needs to fuel those muscles, and in turn, this means repeated trips to the buffet line, Costco, and the bulk discount bins at the closest grocery stores. There’s no judgement here.

2. You can watch sports together. Well, maybe not all sports. She des have a bit of a tender spot for how little attention swimming gets in comparison to the big four, but if anyone can appreciate general athletic prowess it’s going to be your swimming lady. Athletes get each other. She understands the passion and intensity of being a sports fan as well as being an athlete.

3. Just be careful arguing the merits of the sport with her. The fastest way to the doghouse is to downplay the difficulty and challenges of the sport. “Oh, I could do that if I wanted.” You are playing with a basket full of fire by saying something along the lines of, “Swimming is not a sport.” Appreciate the grind of what she does, and you are halfway there.

4. That body though. Swimmers are fit. Real fit. Heck, we even have a body type named after us (swimmer’s body, woopwoop!).  And although she doesn’t work out for your pleasure, you get to reap the benefits of dating someone who devotes a substantial part of their life to building the ultimate body. Even if that means suffering through her growing her leg hair out between championship meets.

Why You Should Date a Swimmer

5. She doesn’t like to lose. Competitive swimmers are, well, competitive. Whether this comes down to her out eating you, destroying you at your favorite video game, rooting for her favorite team, or simply dusting you in the pool, prepare to step your game up around your little swimmer crush.

6. When she goes from sweats to dress it’ll floor you, so be prepared. A majority of her time is spent in soggy bottomed sweatpants, her wet hair tied up, no make-up and eyes darting around the room for her water bottle. But when the hair is down, she’s relaxed because she doesn’t have practice in 20 minutes, and she’s decked out in a dress…yowza.

7. She’s got her own thing going on. The best part about dating a swimmer is that they are confident, motivated, and independent. They got their own goals, and see enough in you to squeeze you in between training sessions. The self-assurance and confidence that comes from being a self-motivated athlete is the most attractive thing a woman can bring to the table.

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