USA Swimming Carpool Karaoke 2016 (Video)

USA Swimming’s Carpool Karaoke 2016

You just knew it was coming.

And even though Michael Phelps played coy when asked about it on his series of Facebook live videos, we all had a feeling something was coming.

Following up on the 2012 viral smash “Call Me Maybe” lip sync was going to be tough. The video launched swimmers like Missy Franklin into the public consciousness long before her four gold medals in London.

In a play on “The Late, Late Show with James Corden” and his wildly popular “Carpool Karaoke” series the 2016 team get together to karaoke a series of songs while they cruise around Atlanta.

“Call Me Maybe” Gets a Makeover for 2016

They are all there. Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps (fielding a call from his mom mid-video),Ryan Lochte, Elizabeth Biesel, Josh Prenot, Anthony Ervin, Conor Dwyer and all the rest.

Below is the video, that was produced by one of USA Swimming’s high performance consultants Russell Mark (who we also collaborated with on our flagship underwater dolphin kick guide).

The highlight?

It’s gotta be Nathan Adrian’s solo backup skills at 4:50 on The Proclaimers “500 Miles” in the Cal car. Also, Jimmy Feigen likes ketchup.


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