Best Shower Sandals Flip Flops and Pool Deck Sandals

9 Best Shower Sandals, Flip-Flops, and Pool Deck Sandals

Whether you need some slip-free and waterproof footwear for walking on a pool deck or hitting the showers, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the ultimate guide to the best shower sandals, flip-flops, and pool deck shoes.

Quick Picks:

Crocs Classic

  • Best overall pick: Best shower sandals

Everyone knows about them. The clog-like shoes, initially designed for boating, are easy targets for a little ridicule from our fashionista friends. But no one can argue that their simple and slip-free design is super effective.

Lilly King, Olympic gold medalist breaststroker, happily paddles around the pool deck while wearing her pink Crocs.

Sure, they may not be the runway model of shower sandals (or any kind of footwear, really) but their functional and stable design means you don’t need to stress slip-and-sliding on wet pool decks and tiled shower floors.

Crocs provide good grip on swimming pool decks and shower floors, are certified by the American Podiatric Council. They provide more support and comfort compared to your typical swimmer’s flip-flop, and with the closed-toe protect the tips of your toes.

At last count, they come in eleven different colors, are extremely durable, and are properly ventilated for extended wear and waterproofing.

Best shower sandals - Crocs



Speedo Deck Slide Sandal

  • Top Pick: Best Sandals for Pool Decks

Speedo is one of the most popular swim gear manufacturers on the planet. They are so ubiqutious when it comes to water sport gear that swimming briefs are simple known as “Speedos.” Although they are extremely popular when it comes to swimwear, they also make a ton of other swim apparel, and one of my favorite are their classic Speedo Deck Sandals.

These pool sandals are extremely clean, featuring the classic blue and red Speedo logo emblazoned on the top of the sandal strap. The sole is made of high-grade rubber, which makes it ideal for not slipping on the pool deck.

The Speedo Deck Sandals are available in three different color combos, but I am partial to the classic white. It should also be noted that these bad boys float.

Best Showers Sandals for Pool Decks


Best Shower Sandals for Pool Decks Speedo White


Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband Flip Flops

  • Top pick: Best shower flip-flops

Crocs makes a second appearance on our list of best shower sandals and flip-flops and for good reason–these flip-flops absolutely kill it. They provide a surprising amount of support and are far sturdier compared to your traditional flip-flop.

One of the main complaints I have had with my flip-flops over the years has been how fragile they can be. They are rarely durable. The Crocs Flip Flops are an exception to the flimsy flip-flop.

Comfortable enough for daily use, and supremely durable, they cost a little more than cheap-o flip-flops you will find at your local sporting store, but will last far, far longer, repeatedly making up for the higher up-front cost.

They come in unisex sizing, up to a men’s 13/women’s 15, and are available in just about every color under the sun.

Best Shower Flip-Flops - Crocs Crocband


Best Shower Flip Flops -- Crocband Mens and Womens Flip Flops


Nike Air Max Sandals

  • Top pick: Best premium shower sandal

These sandals are straight-up gangster. Not too sure what else to say about them except that they are super comfortable and about as stylish as it gets.

The strap of the sandal features the legacy Nike logo that we all know and love. The upper is EVA with a Gore strap that keeps your feet locked in, while the Max Air unit (the “bubble”) gives you premium-level support and cushioning.

Definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum, these slip-on sandals are comfortable, durable, and great to look at.

Nike Air Max Camden Men’s Sandals

Best Shower Sandals - Nike Camden Mens Slide Sandal Black


Best Shower Sandals - Nike Camden Men's Slide Sandals


Nike Air Max Camden Women’s Sandals

Best Shower Sandals for Women - Nike Camden Slip on Sandal


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