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30 Swimming Memes That Perfectly Describe Swimmers

1. Napoleon doesn’t like it when you leave early, and neither do the rest of us.

2. A personal favorite. As someone who swam in a dark pool for  much of my childhood, this was also the way that we typically viewed the pace clocks.

3. For those who like to dangerously by scarfing down a big meal right before hopping into the water for a healthy round of anaerobic work.

4. Yum, yum!

5. Perhaps the only thing worse than slapping hands with a teammate is giving one of the pool-side ladders a surprise high-five.

6. That is one way to win the race. Can’t DQ what you can’t see.

7. Amen.

8. We’ve all been there — toes barely graze the wall on the turn, but you still make it back in time to catch a breath and the interval.

9. Otherwise known as the Warm-Up Hustler.

10. I have been guilty of this one on far too many occasions. Nothing like starting a set and not knowing what you are supposed to be doing.

11. We are absolutely not the shyest athletes on the planet.

12. As a young age grouper an older swimmer told me that at night they kept sharks in the deep end of the pool. This was literally my nightmare.

13. Butterfly isn’t for everyone. Hard enough to do it quickly, let alone slowly.

14. Our typical swim meet.

15. We all knew (or sometimes were) that swimmer that would suddenly disappear when it came time to put in work.

16. Yup.

17. Swimcest is real. Even if it isn’t successful.

18. That moment of suspense and horror when coach throws up a huge bracket around a massive set.

19. Swimcest Part 2. If there was ever motivation to train and swim faster, it is the fairer sex:

20. The 7th circle of hell is reserved for the swimmer who drinks out of my water bottle and shanks my kickboard.

21. Okay, so you passed us during warm-up. Now you’re dead.

22. Don’t even act like you don’t.

23. When coach says the practice is going to be “easy.” 

24. Cause everybody just has to swim in the “fast” lane.

25. We know that “anti-fog” is a myth.

26. It’s good to have expectations of where we are going to end up as swimmers.

27. Coach and his hilarious sense of humor.

28. That will learn us for doing it right!

29. Trying to explain how our swimming is going to our non-swimming friends leaves us feeling a little…well…you know.

30. We’re swimmers. Sometimes it is the most profoundly simple things that please us.


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