6 Best Floating Chlorine Pool Dispensers

6 Best Floating Chlorine Pool Dispensers

Keep your pool balanced and clean with our hand-picked selection of the best floating pool dispensers.

Cleaning and balancing your pool can feel like a full-time job. Between the vacuuming, managing the above ground pool skimmer, covering it with a solar or winter pool cover, and fishing out leaves and other debris, there is also the pool chemicals that you need to administer to the water to keep it clean and un-yucky.

One of the ways that you can regulate the amount of chlorine (and by extension, cleanliness) of your backyard pool is using a floating pool chlorine dispenser.

The devices are remarkably simple: Place your favorite chlorine tablet inside, close and seal the dispenser, turn the collar to set how much chlorine is released, and drop the dispenser in the water to let it do its thing.

No matter how big or small, whether you have an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, here is a breakdown of our favorite floating pool chemical dispensers.

Best Floating Chlorine Pool Dispensers

Swimline HydroTools Adjustable Floating Pool Dispenser

Swimline is one of our favorite manufacturers of pool and spa gear, and this simple chemical dispenser checks all the boxes when it comes to the task of sanitizing your pool.

Swimline HydroTools Floating Chlorine Dispenser

The Hydrotools dispenser is made to dissolve chlorine and bromine tablets that are an inch or three inches large and can be adjusted to pump out chemicals at a custom rate.

With a clean blue and white design, the Hydrotools chemical dispenser is a good-looking and painless way to keep your pool clean and sanitized.

Aquabeacon Floating Pool Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

Let’s face it: with something like a pool dispenser, you aren’t going to get a ton of bells and whistles. But as long as the chemical dispenser dispenses efficiently and safely, that is all that matters.

Aquabeacon Floating Pool Chlorine Tablet Dispenser

The Aquabeacon dispenser looks like every other standard dispenser on the market, with a blue and white design that is typical of most pool dispensers, but in terms of performance, it has 15 vents for maximum dispersion. Which means tablets are actually dissolved and circulated through the pool instead of clumping up and getting stuck in the dispenser.

This dispenser can hold up to five 3” tablets at a time, and its durable plastic design ensures that it stands up to consistent use.

Can I use a floating chlorine dispenser with a solar cover?

Solar covers are an awesome accessory for your swimming pool. They keep light debris out of the water and regulate the temperature of the pool comfortable overnight, retaining heat from the sun and your heat pump.

But when you leave the chlorine dispenser in the water when the pool cover comes in, the chlorine they are dispensing concentrates into one tiny little area. Think of it as taking a SuperSoaker, loading it up with industrial-grade solvent, and firing it a small section of your pool cover for hours on end. Pull your chlorine dispense out of the water when the solar pool cover goes on.

Also, if you are consistently using covers when the pool is not in use, you will find that you can actually reduce the amount of chlorine you will need. (Test the pool water regularly with either a pool test strip kit or a digital pool tester to keep things balanced.) Because the water isn’t being aerated and the pool chemicals aren’t blowing off with the wind, chlorine consumption will go down.

U.S. Pool Supply Floating Chlorine Dispenser

For pool and spa owners who use 4” chlorine tablets, the U.S. Pool Supply Floating Chlorine Dispenser has your back. Backed with a 12-month warranty, this floating dispenser can hold up to three pounds of tablets from 1” to 4” in size.

US Pool Supply Floating Collapsible Chlorine Dispenser

Highly reviewed, users found that the dispenser held up and did its job no matter how rough and tumble kids and pool users were with it.

Easy to load and adjust for chemical output, this dispenser does the job of keeping the pool water clean and sanitized quietly and simply.

POOLWHALE Floating Chemical Pool Dispenser

Want to change up the look of your pool dispenser with something a little more bold? The POOLWHALE dispenser takes the rubber ducky to another level. The 5” dispenser can be loaded up with five 1” chlorine or bromine tablets and will float happily across the surface of the water.

The plastic collar can be adjusted to regulate how much chlorine is released into the pool, and with an easy-to-remove lid, your rubber duck chlorine dispenser is ready to attack bacteria and algae.

POOLWHALE Floating Chemical Pool Dispenser


Rise8 Pooltanic Chlorine Dispenser and Floating Iceberg Thermometer

Titanic was one of the biggest movies all-time at the box office, and now you can take the story home to your pool with this hilariously designed thermometer and chemical dispenser set by Rise8 Studios. The dispenser is a plastic model of the Titanic, and can hold three 3” bromine or chlorine tablets at a time.

The thermometer is that fated iceberg, and both are UV-resistant and made of durable rust-free plastic. The chlorine dispenser can be adjusted from half to full dispersal, and the set comes with a cord to keep the boat and iceberg together, not only in infamy and lore, but also in your pool or spa. Combine the benefits of a floating pool dispenser along with a pool thermometer to keep your pool or hot tub clean and comfortable.

Rise8 Pooltanic Chlorine Dispenser and Floating Iceberg Thermometer


Sinking Floating Chlorine Dispenser

One of the downsides of treating your pool and spa is the chemical-infused air. The Sinking Floating Chlorine Dispenser has a unique solution to this problem—when you load it up with chlorine or bromine tablets and put it in the water, it sinks to the bottom of the pool.

Once it has safely and fully dissolved the tablets, it floats back up to the surface to be refilled. Because the dispenser is fully submerged, less pool chemicals are aerated and lost, and the dispenser isn’t being hit by the damaging rays of the sun.

This intelligently designed device cuts down on the number of chemicals you need to buy to clean your pool, keeps the water cleaner without excessive smell, and is available in three different colors to match your pool’s aesthetic.

Sinking Floating Chlorine Dispenser


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