Swimming Goggle Reviews

Swimming Goggle Reviews

Looking for in-depth reviews of swim goggles? Here is our exclusive collection of swimming goggle reviews for every kind of swimmer, no matter what age or ability.

With three decades of experience in swimming, I’ve had a chance to test out, train, and compete with countless pairs of swim goggles.

Over the years I have jotted down my thoughts and notes on each pair of swim goggles keeping a little list of swim goggle reviews.

There are goggles for just about every kind of aquatic activity in these reviews.

Goggles for training and competing for high-performance swimmers, goggles for open water and triathletes, goggles for kids, and every other kind of swimming goggle in-between.

Here we go:

Goggle reviews for competitive swimmers

7 Best Swim Goggles for Competitive Swimmers. Whether it’s racing or training, these are the best of the best goggles for swimmers who pound out the meters and yards on the regular in the pool. We got your day-to-day goggle, and your shave-and-taper goggle.

I’ve also done a whole bunch of reviews of individual goggles designed for competitive swimmers, which you can find below:

Goggle reviews for kids and toddlers

8 Best Swimming Goggles for Kids. Looking for the best pair of swim goggles for kids? From backyard splashing to competition, we break down the top goggles for kids to splash around in the pool.

Goggle reviews for open water swimming and triathletes

5 Best Open Water and Triathlon Goggles. Ready to dominate your open water race? Here’s a breakdown of the best swim goggles for open water swimmers and triathletes.

Other Swim Goggle Guides:

How to Stop Your Swim Goggles from Fogging Up. Frustrated with swim goggles that don’t seem to stop fogging up? Here’s how to keep your vision crystal-clear the next time you are down at the pool.

Swim Goggles: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know. Swimming goggles have come a long way since the beginning of competitive swimming. Here’s a look back to the beginning days of goggles and how they continue to play a role for swimmers today.