Best Pool Vacuum Hoses

5 Best Pool Vacuum Hoses for Every Kind of Pool

Stuck with a dirty pool? Here’s a breakdown of the best pool vacuum hoses for every kind of swimming pool.

Ah yes—the joys of owning a swimming pool!

Lots of fun, whether it’s mid-day cannonballs or late-night drinks by the water’s edge, a swimming pool brings tons of laughs, joy, and relaxation.

But, as any pool owner will tell you, it also brings cleaning.

Lots and lots of cleaning.

Fortunately, there are some excellent tools on the market that can help you cut down on the time spent cleaning and maintaining your pool and help increase the amount of time you spend perfecting your cannonball technique.

And the right pool vacuum hose is one such tool.

Choosing the Right Pool Vacuum Hose

When choosing the right pool vacuum hose, you want something that is going to properly fit your pool pump and pool vacuum head.

✔️ The hose should be flexible enough that you can move the vacuum around the pool as necessary and get around tight corners.

✔️ They should be durable; with all of the chemicals that get passed through your swimming pool the hose should be able to stand up to your pool chemicals and not fade and degrade too quickly.

✔️ It should also provide a secure and leak-free connection so that you aren’t wasting energy on your pump and leaking dead organic matter back into the pool to be (re)cleaned later.

There are plenty of hoses on the market for every kind of swimming pool and vacuum.

Below is the best of the best.

Read on, find the right pool vacuum hose for you, and spend more time enjoying your swim pool.

Let’s dive right in.

Milliard 5-Piece Vacuum Extension Pool Hose

Milliard produces some of the best pool vacuuming accessories, including a couple of different pool vacuum heads that I highly recommend.

This particular set of hoses from Milliard comes in a five-pack, with each hose three feet long, giving you a total length of 15 feet. What I like most is that you can set the hose length to a custom length that matches the depth of your pool.

The hoses have male/female connectors at both sides, and whether you have an inground or above-ground swimming pool, these durable and flexible hoses will stand up to repeated use and exposure to tough pool chemicals.

Milliard’s stuff is always priced competitively (check Amazon for current pricing and availability) making it a budget-friendly pick for pool owners looking for a new pool vacuum hose.

Milliard 5-Piece Vacuum Extension Pool Hose


Intex Spiral Filters Lightweight Pool Vacuum Hose

⭐ Best pool vacuum hose for Intex swim pools

Intex is one of the leading makers of above-ground pools and accessories. If you’ve ever looked for the top inflatable pools, above-ground swimming pools, or filters for above-ground pools, you’ve come across the name Intex.

The Intex Spiral Filters Pool Vacuum Hose is a long one—a total of 25 feet in length. Light enough to pack up and move between uses (just 3lbs), the hose can be cut down to a more suitable length for smaller pools. Simply cut the hose to the desired length and rethread the nozzles.

Works with all Intex pools, and designed for 1.5” hose connections, this lightweight and flexible vacuum hose helps make sucking up unwanted dirt and insects a breeze.

The result? More time swimming in your pool and less time vacuuming it.

Intex Spiral Filters Lightweight Pool Vacuum Hose


U.S. Pool Supply Heavy-Duty Pool Vacuum Hose

⭐ Best pool vacuum hose for large pools

As the name of the hose implies, this thing is made to do work. With standard hose dimensions of 1.5”, it attaches easily to most pool vacuums and filtration systems.

What takes the U.S. Supply Heavy-Duty Hoses to the next level are the length option.

The professional-grade hose—made with tough EVA—are available in lengths of 30ft, 36ft, and 40ft, making them ideal for the pool owner who wants a little more rope at the end of their pool vacuum.

U.S. Pool Supply stands behind their pool hoses with a five-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and a clean pool bottom. Win, win.

U.S. Pool Supply Heavy-Duty Pool Vacuum Hose


Robelle Premium Pool Vacuum Hose

Robelle is another pool accessories company that makes hoses for just about every size of swimming pool. Robelle’s pool vacuum hoses start at 18ft in length (with a 1.25” hose connector) all the way up to a 50ft hose with 1.5” connector diameter.

The nozzles have extra thick crowns to stay in place, even as the hose is getting bent while you vacuum up and down the sides of your swimming pool. The spiral membrane gives you the flexibility to hit the tight corners of the pool, and swivel cuffs help prevent the hose from getting tangled up.

While I love the features and ease of use with these hoses, compared to the U.S. Pool Supply hoses, they are priced a little higher (check Amazon for current pricing).

Robelle Premium Pool Vacuum Hose


Poolmaster in-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose

⭐ Best vacuum hose for in-ground swimming pools

Are you the proud owner of an inground swimming pool, but have a pile of debris and organic matter at the bottom of your pool that you aren’t so proud of?

Poolmaster’s line of vacuum hoses has your back.

Poolmaster consistently makes quality stuff, including floating pool lights, pool loungers, floating pool fountains, and one of my favorite ways to spend time in the pool—shooting threes like Steph Curry with a poolside basketball hoop.

Where were we…

Right, pool hoses! Poolmaster!

Available in five different lengths (30-50ft), they feature a swivel head to cut down on tangling and knotting up the hose, the EVA material of the hose fights UV and chlorine damage, and durable cuffs thread tightly and leak-free onto the hose.

In sum: If you’ve got an inground swim pool that needs some vacuuming TLC, Poolmaster’s line of hoses have you covered.

Poolmaster in-Ground Pool Vacuum Hose


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