7 Best Pool Loungers for Chilling and Relaxing

7 Best Pool Loungers for Chilling and Relaxing

Stay cool and comfortable in the water with our hand-picked selection of the best pool loungers.

Stepping out in the backyard, feeling the warm sun on your face, you pull back the solar pool cover and bask in the clear, reflective joy that is your outdoor pool.

The backyard pool is a great place to be during the warm summer months. Whether it’s firing up your favorite swim pool games or swimming in place with a swim tether and making use of your favorite water exercise equipment, the pool is the source of plenty of activity and enjoyment.

But there are times where you just want to relax, float and soak up the sun.

That’s where your trusty pool lounger comes in handy.

Have a seat, lean back, and relax.

Even though the function of a pool lounger is relatively straightforward, there are a surprising number of features and options when it comes to picking out the best pool lounger for your water activities and above-ground swim pool.

Below is a breakdown of our favorite pool loungers for staying cool and comfortable in the water.

Best Pool Loungers for Relaxing in the Water

Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Pool Lounger

Intex is one of our favorite makers of swim pool accessories. Pool vacuums, pool covers, inflatables—you name it, they probably make it. The Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Pool Lounger has a contoured shape that conforms to your body while you relax and float on the water.

Compared to most pool inflatables, this one is designed to have you sit up slightly. With two air chambers, a built-in cup holder, and a repair patch, the Intex Rockin’ Pool Lounger will have you relaxing in no time.

Best Pool Loungers - Intex Rockin' Inflatable Pool Lounger


Poolmaster Swimming Pool Lounger

One of the perks of your backyard pool is being able to keep cool. As someone who gets particularly toasty on those warm summer days, I appreciate being able to be partly in the cool water while also on my lounger.

Being partly in the water is just one of the reasons that I love the Poolmaster Swimming Pool Lounger so much.

With inflatable head and footrests, and a hammock-style design that has you practically in the water, this easy-to-pack pool lounger is an excellent way to beat the summer heat. This pool lounger is also one of the easiest to get on and off of.

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Lounger


Poolmaster Swimming Pool Chaise and Lounger

Another partially-submerged pool lounger comes again from the folks over at Poolmaster. This entry is made for extended stays in the water, with over-sized arms that can store everything from meals to your waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Poolmaster makes some quality stuff for the backyard pool enthusiast, including one of my favorite pool slides.

This particular pool lounger can accommodate adults up to 275-pounds, and its durable fabric and sidearms are made of non-corrosive material that stands up to pool chemicals and extended sun exposure.

Poolmaster Swimming Pool Chaise and Lounger


Aqua Convertible Pool Lounger

If you are looking for a pool lounge that has some different set-ups, the Aqua Convertible Pool Lounger has you covered. The inflatable can be set between four different settings, including 30 and 60-degree recliners, full-recline, and drifter.

The Aqua Convertible has some of the features you expect, including a cup holder. The headrest/footrest is detachable, and with duolock valves inflating and deflating is quick and painless.

Best Loungers for Backyard Pool -- Aqua Convertible Pool Lounger


Intex Recliner Inflatable Pool Lounge

Another pool float made by Intex, this also ranks as one of our favorite all-time inflatables for adults. Made with highly durable 18-gauge vinyl, the Intex Recliner is big, comfortable, and quick to inflate and deflate. The lounge has two heavy-duty plastic handles to help you get up onto the chair. Two cup holders keep your refreshments in place and secured.

Intex Recliner Inflatable Pool Lounge


Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Adult XL Swim Lounger

The Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Lounge is another versatile way to soak up the sun and enjoy your backyard pool. It can be used in four different ways, including as a saddle, lounger, hammock, and as a drifter.

Made specifically for taller people (5’8” to 7’4”), these types of lounges are excellent for those looking for something that is easier to get into. Pregnant women, seniors, and big-and-tall people all have great things to say about the lounger.

The mesh between the head and footrest will keep you slightly submerged, making this lounger ideal for keeping comfortable and cool on those blisteringly hot days.

Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Adult XL Swim Lounger


Swimways SpringFloat Swim Lounger

Looking for a way to maximize the coolness and sun protection with your pool lounger? This bad boy has got you covered.

The Swimways Spring Float Swim Lounger has a mesh bottom, which allows a little bit of water to hit your bottom, a foot hole that you can dangle your feet into the water with, and a sun canopy that protects you from the sun.

The Swimways Springfloat is exceptionally easy to set-up and take-down. The whole thing can be folded up and carried under your arm easily, making it ideal both for chilling in the backyard pool and for those lazy days at the lake.

My favorite feature of this pool lounge has to be the sun canopy. It can be removed (if you are feeling frisky with the sun) and even adjusted to keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes.

Swimways SpringFloat Swim Lounger


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